Monday, September 20, 2010

Hope...makes everything brighter

We settled on our house! We made an offer, it was accepted. Now we are just jumping through the hoops until we close.

The closing is set for the 15th, hoping it happens sooner than that! We have to move out of the house we are leasing by yeah, we are scrambling.

Some crazy things are happening in our lives right now. Crazy in a good way. Unexpected to say the least. I anticipated hearing one thing, and heard something completely different. Hope has snuck into our lives. It hasn't been there, in this area anyways for a long time.

You are more confused now than ever huh? Well, until we know more - we just don't want to put it all out there. Soon though...I really, completely suck (for lack of a better word) at keeping a secret. I get that from my mamma. God love her, some of the worse arguments between her and dad were at Christmas...she just couldn't keep a secret, wanted us to open our gifts way early. My dad was hard nosed about it though, would make us wait until Christmas morning. What he didn't know is mom would tell us what some of them were lol. Well, that and Mark and I would always untape to see what they were, then perfectly retape them back. ahaha...good ole days.

Hope, it is contagious. The few we have shared this...thing...with are hopeful. I promised myself I would be cautiously hopeful - not letting the hope of it all consume me. Well, I suck at keeping promises too it seems! I get giddy thinking about it. The few I have told are giddy when we talk about it, it is so funny. So refreshing. God has a plan. He still does miracles. I am asking for mine, for me and Scott.

We are really liking a church we have been visiting. Oxford Baptist in Conover. I will always miss Grand Strand though. Scott and I have always been 'in' church, but GSB was in us. The people, the pastor, the programs...we wanted to go to church every time the doors were open. We felt His spirit there, we knew from the first visit that this was our church. We met our best forever friends there. But, the commute from Newton, NC to Myrtle Beach, SC is a little we have prayed for God to send us to our new church. This church's choir is even called the Jubilee Choir :) Same as Grand Strand!

Speaking of is coming up soon, I can't wait. This is the 5th or 6th we have been to. Pray for my mom, she hasn't been feeling so well. I want her to go so bad, we always have such a good time. The last time we went, we walked out on the beach and with tears she said this might be the last time she would see the ocean. I want to prove her wrong!

Thank you all for keeping in touch and praying for me. It means so much.