Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Long time...no post...sorry

Sorry that I haven't been keeping up on my blog lately. It has been difficult to sit for any real period of time and that alone is discouraging. My back is not any better really, makes me think the surgery is a bust. The doctor called me to check up on me and is is disappointed as well. I see him on the 28th, he said we will see what is next then...possibly more surgery.

I don't know how much more of this I can handle...thank God I have Scott...and thank God I have GOD! These two are who get me through it all.

Enough of that...

We visited a church on Sunday, we had never been there. We walked in and they had a new sanctuary with two screens behind the choir and all...we were like oooo looks similar to Grand Strand...the similarities stopped there. While people were nice, the church just felt dead - nothing moved either of us. I miss our church, I miss our friends...we both left the church with tears thinking about what we left in Myrtle Beach. We are craving that Spirit, that familiarity, fitting in, music...all the things that we miss from our Church in Myrtle Beach. But, this did make us want to search harder and maybe look outside of Morganton.

We bought a car...a Ford Explorer. It wasn't my first choice, but we like it. We had to send it to get a little something fixed, we were given a loaner - a Toyota Camry...and it reaffirmed that I can't have a low car ever again - well not while I am hurting like this. It was miserable trying to get in and out.

We are still working hard to find Scott a job closer to home. That drive is crazy, more so than I ever thought. At least in Myrtle Beach he had no mountain to climb.

Other than all that, I am ok, just plugging along.

I got kisses over the phone from Colin last night...so sweet. I miss them sooooooo much, bad back or not...September I am going to go see them!

Guess that is it... later

Thursday, August 02, 2007


I came home Monday evening around 7. It was such a long day on Monday, the stress test was NEGATIVE...thank You Lord! I was so glad to be home, to be in my own bed. An overnight stay turned into a 5 night ordeal. But, as I sat waiting during my stress test, it hit me things could be worse. A man was hit by a train and was brought into the department I was waiting in...he was barely alive, all bloody and not breathing on his own. I could have been hit by a train, or never woke up. I am so blessed to be home with my family!

I had a rough 2 nights, but today was better. Mom has been here since I came home and wow...hard to believe that a month or so ago I was doing all this for her. She has been cooking and keeping me company making sure I don't do toooo much. I love her!!

I had a really rough day on Tuesday. I got a migraine...no THE migraine of migraines. I haven't hurt so badly in a long time. I had daddy, mom and Debbie to pray over me and thought wow I wish Louise and Lori were here, and what do you know...8 0'clock here they came. Within an hour of them (all of them) praying over me I was feeling better. Amazing is the power of prayer.

My back...well, is no better, actually worse than before surgery but I have hopes that some improvement will come. I have another appointment with him August 28th.

And as if things couldn't get worse...aunt Flow (period) has decided to rear her ugly head!