Thursday, August 02, 2007


I came home Monday evening around 7. It was such a long day on Monday, the stress test was NEGATIVE...thank You Lord! I was so glad to be home, to be in my own bed. An overnight stay turned into a 5 night ordeal. But, as I sat waiting during my stress test, it hit me things could be worse. A man was hit by a train and was brought into the department I was waiting in...he was barely alive, all bloody and not breathing on his own. I could have been hit by a train, or never woke up. I am so blessed to be home with my family!

I had a rough 2 nights, but today was better. Mom has been here since I came home and wow...hard to believe that a month or so ago I was doing all this for her. She has been cooking and keeping me company making sure I don't do toooo much. I love her!!

I had a really rough day on Tuesday. I got a THE migraine of migraines. I haven't hurt so badly in a long time. I had daddy, mom and Debbie to pray over me and thought wow I wish Louise and Lori were here, and what do you know...8 0'clock here they came. Within an hour of them (all of them) praying over me I was feeling better. Amazing is the power of prayer.

My back...well, is no better, actually worse than before surgery but I have hopes that some improvement will come. I have another appointment with him August 28th.

And as if things couldn't get worse...aunt Flow (period) has decided to rear her ugly head!

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