Friday, July 27, 2007

Long story...

Short version!

I can't sit here very long so I will make this short and...well, just short.

I am still in the hospital, I am going home tomorrow I HOPE. Still having a lot of pain but not as bad as yesterday morning but still worse than before the surgery. He has me on some high powered steroids for the inflammation, which he thinks is causing the pain and such. They seem to be working but my sugars have been really high reaching 597 at one point. They are giving me insulin to help with that.

Thank you for all the visits, calls, flowers and prayers...they mean so much. I can't wait to be home to be in my own bed and to wear my own clothes.

He still believes things will be better and I do too. He was very disappointed that I am not doing better, but he said his hope and prayer is that things will get better soon. He discussed the possibilities of this being a scenario before the surgery but said it was very unlikely to happen...only 5-10% of patients have this type of outcome. I should have warned him about my recent luck :)

Misti, thank you for the call yesterday, I talked to mom and she said you had called her too. I really appreciate you calling your dad for me too...I was so sad that I hadn't heard from him and it hit me that he could be out of town and was so glad to hear he was. He called back again this morning, he always makes me smile. He did say he has cut his finger really bad and was gonna find some duct tape to fix it right up LOL. I love you...and you could have let me live in fantasy thinking Lil was saying HOPE in the background haha..jk, one day SOOON she will be saying it over and over!

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