Saturday, July 07, 2007

Family...cure for what ails you!

It is so true, life has been crazy lately...I don't wanna make a list...but here goes: Mom's surgery, family feud, my back, wreck...ok I will stop, that list could go on and on :).

But, I walk into the place where the family get together is being held and within minutes...all that went away, all that I could think of, this is my family! I am so blessed! Let me list who all was there :)

Mom, Dad, Tommy, Johnny, Todd, Lisa, Cara, Randall, Illan, Scott, Me.
Louise, Elmer, Lori, Mike, Tiffany, Courtney, Anthony, Roy, Anissa, Charlie, Tabitha, Matthew, Holly, their son.
Ed, Gladys, Timmy, Tamara, Jessica and Ryan.
Ray, Nancy, Little Ray, Julie, Eli and Samuel.
Steve Erb and his dad.

There was also Tiffany's boyfriend, Lori's friend Lee, another friend (choir director at their church) his wife and son, Jessica's boyfriend, Gary, Philyaw (stand up base player), friend of Todd's playing the guitar, his wife and mother, Leon Milligan, some dude playing the mandolin.

Ohhh wow, there were 52 people there!!! And there were about 11 I can think of that didn't come that would have made 63!!! It was so funny, my uncle Ed...he is shy and doesn't go many places and he was looking like he was leaving so my cousin Lori asked him if he was, and he said "Biggest crowd I have ever been in...and my belt breaks!" HAHA It could have only been funnier if he had said it while his pants were around his knees!

It was so much fun, all these kids running around learning who there cousins are - big and small. Ray's boys took up with me right off...sitting on my lap and listening to the music. I even got hugs when they left. It was so sweet.

Tamara...she is precious. She is Timmy's daughter. I gave her my spare camera and she took some great pictures. She is about 9 or so I think. I am going to go pick her up and keep her one night soon.

It was awesome, when people walked in....hugs everywhere. It was just what the soul needed, the light in my mom and uncles eyes was shining so bright, you could tell they were so proud of their children, so happy to see all their family - almost all - having fun, laughing, singing and just spending time together. It was good to see Roy and Timmy laughing, knowing they hadn't seen each other in years...same thing with a lot of the family. Everyone came up to me, so thankful that Lori and I got all of this together. Also, they said they will be at the next one...YAY. I am going to call Jackie and see how the plans for the Clark reunion are going, if nothing much I am gonna offer to help so the ball doesn't get dropped. I think it really was a success. I have memories that I will cherish forever, memories of this day...Mike getting hit with a water balloon, Matthew's little boy dancing to the music and eating watermelon. Memories like Mom, Nancy and Gladys all up singing What a Friend We Have in Jesus, or Anthony playing guitar with Todd, Timmy riding off on his Harley, me getting scolded for taking Louise's and Gladys' pictures. Sooo many more...I hate some of the family missed those memories...I hope they made their own today.

We are trying to plan the Christmas get together...probably will be at moms...winter time has to keep people in the house and no one has a house big enough to fit everyone. Or, we might have it at the same place....was super nice, had a big couch and lots of room for everyone. We are going to talk about it some more. I am sure we could decorate it pretty for Christmas...hmmm I think that will be perfect!

Even though Scott and I both were hurting so was so worth it. I sang too...Child of God of course....for Lori and Todd and I sang How Great Thou Art. Todd really out did himself tonight as well, everyone enjoyed his singing and he had some great musicians with him. A stand up base guy, banjo guy, guitar guy and mandolin guy....they really have such a great sound and have fun doing it too. They had a booking up the road so after they ate and played a bit they had to leave. This is one of the best groups Todd has had.

Ok, am so sleepy...thank God for spell check...just sent an embarrassing email to Ellen...sure it was chock full of typos...forgot to proof it before I sent it *sigh*.

Will post pic tonight or tomorrow.



P.S. Just did the spell check....none! woo hoo...I can sleep type!

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