Friday, July 13, 2007

Ello...Mam, your car is totaled.. :(

Well, finally we have gotten some news about our car...and as the title of this post is totaled. SIGH. I hoped it would be really, I didn't want a nearly totaled car fixed up. But, it still is sad...we loved that car! Here are some pics:

My pretty, before the wreckage...ugh, I loved my car!!!

So the adjuster called and told us it was totalled. It was in pristine shape before the wreck, and had a lot of options, so we have equity in it THANK YOU LORD! Means we have money for a down payment at least. We basically are breaking even. We are getting enough to pay off the loan and basically make the same down payment we made to begin with.
Still waiting to find out when my surgery is. I have called to tell them that I haven't heard anything...grr.

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