Monday, July 16, 2007

Stressful weekend

We spent all day Saturday and Sunday looking for a car. I hated looking for our first one, but this one is even worse. First, we LOVED the car we our bar is set pretty high. Second, we have a deadline really and we can't do much until Geico gets their gecko in gear and sends us the check. But, pushing through the pain! Riding in a car is so painful already...but getting in and out of cars, riding for close to 14 hours straight has been excruciating. By the end of the night Saturday I was in tears, Scott was hurting so bad as well. Just to wake up groggy Sunday morning (from pain medications that were necessary to take to sleep the night before) and do it all again.

Saturday we were chased by several sales men, one in a golf cart. That really turned me off, Scott too. I mean...we were still in our car and were being chased! So, we thought if we go out on a Sunday afternoon no one will be open and we can 'look'. Plus it was pouring the rain, lots of lightening so we thought we were safe. Umm, NOPE! We pull into this dealership and as we pull in we see a guy jet out in his yellow golf shirt, we thought maybe he was just running to his car. Surely they wouldn't be open on a Sunday and even more...surely he wouldn't be running out in the rain. Running, YES running...he was as big as Scott and we got tickled...every time Scott would slow down he would run harder like he was catching up. We drove maybe the length of a football field and turned the corner to go down an aisle and there he was, red faced, dripping of rain waving at us. Then we thought maybe something was wrong, so Scott rolled the window down and he started his spiel. Scott rolled the window back up mid pitch and we drove away.

We think we found a couple to chose from, waiting now for the check to come. SIGH.

I honestly don't know how much longer I can handle this pain, I thought I could just deal until the surgery but after the weekend...hurting soo much, my days are consisting of waking up in pain, dreading that first step on the floor, walking around my house in pain pain pain, then taking a pain pill to go to bed. I don't want to see people, talk to anyone...just want to get to the 25th and get it over, that surgery has to work...I have to feel better. I can't live like this. UGH

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