Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th of July! and update on our wreck adventure!

I hope everyone in my life has a great day. We pretty much have stayed in bed all morning, still aching from the wreck. We are going to Scott's parents to grill out. Johnny called and invited me and Scott to the Valdese get together, so we will stop by there on the way home I think...according to how we feel. Scott's back is really bothering him.
We are both kind of still in shock of it all. We have never been in a wreck, so we really had no clue how things would go. But, we did assume since it wasn't our would go a little easier than it has. We had a bad feeling that the other driver didn't have insurance. The information given to the police has ended up being false. First, the insurance is non existent. I don't understand how she could give that information and then drive the car off. I thought if you didn't have insurance, you couldn't drive the car. You can't even get a tag without car insurance. So how was the tag legal? Besides the fact that the owner of the car has two outstanding warrants out for his arrest...and they knew it was his car...why did they not impound the car?? The officer put the wrong address in the computer, she put circle instead of Ave. and that made a big difference. The circle was near my parents and the Ave. was near town. When Scott went to get them to fix a few things on the police report, they told him about the arrest warrants. SIGH
We had been trying to call the girls number, they guy and her live together. Her number keeps saying The Verizon Wireless number you have reached is not accepting incoming calls...BLAH BLAH BLAH, probably changed the number or disconnected it. We did call the work number and she does work there, but she hasn't been at work. I was hoping she just gave the wrong information, and really just wanted the insurance information we need. Integon Insurance, their supposed insurance company called yesterday and said there was a policy in 2005 but it has lapsed. He is going to go through the DMV tomorrow to see if there is any other insurance on that car. So tomorrow we will know all the information and will know if our insurance will have to pay. Also, the adjuster is going to look at the car to determine if the car is totalled or if it can be fixed reasonably. We were told that it was totalled, the air bags alone are close to 4 grand to replace. The amount to fix the car has to be 75% or less of the value of the car or it will be considered totalled. It has taken a toll on us both. I hate the thought of losing our car, but I don't want a car that is compromised, so it scares me that the car may be repaired.
Yesterday, Scott was hurting very bad...he took his meds the doctor gave him. As soon as he got back from the doctor his work started calling. As much as Scott just wanted to rest, he got on his computer and started working. They called at least a half of a dozen times. I felt so bad for him. The insurance people were calling just as much, the adjuster, car rental place. It overwhelmed him and he looked up at me and said he can't handle all of this. He teared up even, we are both so overwhelmed. It should be simple, we were the ones that were hurt, we didn't cause this but we are suffering in more ways than one. We pay premiums for our insurance and think when we need will be there for us. Well, that little lizard that is so cute on TV...just wanna hug him...I would like to strangle him about right now. We have Geico by the way.
We had planned to go to a cook out at his moms then go up on the mountain and watch fireworks from there...but we have no car, we feel like we have been ran over by a semi and after paying to see the docs, paying for medications and anticipating paying for a rental car...we are just going to eat at his moms and come back to Valdese and if we are up to their fireworks. This holiday sucks in a way, but I can't let it! I am blessed to have my family, to have Scott...we weren't seriously injured in this wreck and hopefully our insurance will finally get on the ball and get things taken care of.

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