Saturday, July 07, 2007

Family get together...ahhh

I loveeeeee getting together with family, and today is going to be such a great time. I know some can't come but they will be missed sooooo much, hopefully next time.

Pig Picken', sounds kinda gross if you think about it, but it will be delish. Lori and I spoke a couple times this week and she said she had bought 7 (I think) Boston Butts (HAHA JAMI!) and that a friend who owns a BBQ restaurant there in Marion will be coming to prepare them...yummy! I know mom made her famous slaw, mac and cheese (homemade kind), corn on the cob and baked beans. Lisa is making her famous potato salad, brownies and some kinda of cake. I am making a chocolate eclair (ok, Scott makes it :) ), green bean casserole, tomato-yellow pepper-onion-cucumber mix in an olive oil vinagrette, anddddddddd Lemonade with cherries! And I know Louise is making stuff, Gladys, Nancy, Julie...who knows what all will be there...and I will be sick tonight I bet! Worth it, so worth it.

I promise to take lots of pictures, I just think pictures are so important!

Eddie, both are going to be missed so much, I love you!

On a side note....finally got the rental car, which is a blessing. We had a little get together last night mainly for Parker D, but was good to see familiar faces show up. Chris came and brought his x-box 360 and Jonathon came, their cousin. He was the one that introduced Scott to Grandmaw...and then she introduced him to me :). Jonathon was also married to my niece for a while and they have two children together. Little John, Korey and Parker D came...we ordered pizza and I fixed some things, and the 'big boys' as Korey called them played in the living room and him and I went into the bedroom and played football and racing. Chris fixed milk shakes for everyone and then we all called it a night. Korey came and gave me the best hug and lovin'. I usually have to beg or even steal a hug from him, not this time...was so sweeeeeet.

Lastly, God is so good, I was reminded this morning in an email that He never fails us and even in our darkest times...He is the light that guides us out of the valleys. I was at mom's yesterday and I always seem to let it all out with her, and was telling her how it seems like it is one thing after another and I didn't understand it. She encouraged me of course, and I always leave her feeling better...but reading Ellen's email this morning was manna for my heart and soul. I can't wait for her to move closer...just something about her that makes me want to spend time with her and get to know her better. Maybe it is because she has had so many things going on in her own life, yet she finds time to encourage others, maybe it is because she loves our Lord, maybe it is because I can see family in her eyes, maybe it is because we share a name, maybe it is because she is just comfortable?? Maybe all those things and more!!

Oooops, really this is the last thing :) Burt and Leslie and Colin came home safely from St. Barthes! But, they didn't come home alone! Let me set the story up haha. She leaves for St. Barthes...taking her tampons with her, expecting her period anytime. One day aunt flow, two days passes...nope. She goes to buy a home pregnancy test, all written in french no less...takes it, and though she can't read the instructions....there are two lines, and she is pregnant! Ohh goodness I am so happy for them, they are such wonderful parents to Colin, and I love them all so much. I so hope this is a girl, but Colin is so precious...another one kinda like him would be just as great. They are gonna kill me again and NOT find out the sex....AUGH! But, honestly I have been thinking if I ever get pregnant....I think I will let it be a surprise as well. Kinda fun, and I already know if we do....I would be a stinking boy..*smiles*

OK, have to get off here and get stuff ready! WILL MISS ALL THAT CAN'T COME!



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