Saturday, June 30, 2007

If it is gonna happen....

Friday evening, Scott and I left mom and dads to come home. We thought we would take the long way home. I knew Wal-Mart didn't have the kitty litter I wanted to try so I thought we would stop by K-Mart. We headed down Conley road to Jamestown road. We just pass the Carbon Plant around a slight curve. I look up and see the intersection and see the green light and look back down to the booklet I was reading. We were talking about houses and such. All of a sudden, Scott's arm shoots out in front of me and I hear him yell something...and just as I look up things go to slow motion. I look right into the other drivers eyes...she was smiling, I think she had been talking to the children in the car. Then that horrible crunch of a sound, the air bags deploy and all I can see is smoke. Scott is screaming my name and we both open the doors to let out the smoke. I look up to see this white truck no more than 5-10 feet from our hood. Their eyes were wide and could tell they were scared. They slowly turn and go around us, not even stopping to ask if we were ok. Then I look to see the other car and it was gone. Then a man came running up to the car asking if we were ok and he called 911 for us. He was so kind. He then sent someone to talk to the other car who pulled away but then stopped. She was young, and the man was afraid that she would try to leave. He stayed with us until the cops came, and he gave them a statement and his information and then left. I hope I can find his number or something so I can thank him.

From that point it was all a big blur, my blood pressure was really high, having a hard time breathing from the stuff out of the air bags. The ambulance came and took my vitals and my blood pressure was 210/110. My left knee had a knot the size of a golf ball, my right knee had burns from the air bags. My right arm had abrasions from the airbag I think, my right shoulder feels bruised but nothing on the outside...must just be muscle. My chest aches like a sore tooth. My head was pounding, my back hurting...not sure how it could be more, but it was.

I had never been in a wreck before, a small one once with Little John and Misti...but nothing like this. It really could have been much worse if not for the seat belts and air bags. I can't help but think that in one quick fragment of time, I could have left this world and been sitting side by side with my brother, talking to Jesus and had the answers to so many questions. I would be listening to a heavenly choir, walking down streets of gold. I think now about regrets that I may have if I were to have died last night.

Scott said that he saw the light was green, didn't have a reason to slow down really. A car turned with plenty of time to make it, Scott saw the other car and assumed it saw him. Then all of a sudden he said she made the turn in front of him and he had no time to stop. He turned to try and avoid the impact, but she turned the same way he did. BAM. We spun around, she spun around too I think because her car was pointing in the opposite direction of the one she was heading to begin with.

I am just thankful we didn't have anyone else in the car, this is the very reason I hate to drive with someone elses child in my car...what if!?! UGH

I have no clue how insurance works with all of this, I know we have gap and we were told she had clue what.

While we were getting ready to leave the scene...the children with the girl were playing in the ditch so I know they were ok. We were told she wasn't the mother, she was the baby sitter. She was underage, so we couldn't get any information about her until her parents were on scene. The EMT's couldn't leave until the parents of the children got there. I wish we had been a little more with it and got all the information we needed. Scott did see the officer did have a ticket in her hand, we didn't get one so I am assuming the girl did. *UPDATE* the officer just called and said she did get a ticket for unsafe movement.

We are driving dads car until Monday when we can get with her insurance to get a rental. Scott is taking the day off Monday mostly because he is hurting so bad all over, but also to take care of getting all of this taken care of.

I am so sore, feel like we have been beat with sticks...never knew it would be so rough. Headache is easing some, and we are moving around a little better.

On another note, got the most beautiful flowers today....yellow calla lilies, purple daisy's, other purple flowers...just beautiful! They were from Eddie and Ellen and family. They wanted to thank me for the pictures I sent, taking care of mom and for planning a family get together. They didn't even know about the wreck! It was so sweet, mom got some too Scott said. I will post a pic tomorrow...some of the car as well. Had 3 cameras in the car and didn't take any at the scene....UGH! We did take some later.

Well, gonna get off here, take some more meds and get cozy for a drug induced pain free sleep.

I love my family, every one of them. I plan on sending some notes...having an experience like this has really made me realize how important people, love, family, friends are. Cars don't mean a thing really if you have no one to go see.


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