Saturday, June 23, 2007

Parker and Korey visit!

I know, I know...he is called Dylin by most...I don't know why I have always called him Parker...he doesn't seem to mind!

Little John called me last night to see if I could watch them and of course I was SO excited too. So this morning they came in and as soon as Scott and I got dressed we took them out to mom and dads. Korey decided to race the car from Ed's house to moms, and as soon as I said...I hope he doesn't fall...he fell. Nothing too major, just dirty hands. He went up to Todd's and was yellin' at the chickens...Parker said it was so funny. We get ready to leave and Parker heads to Allans to see Ryan right quick. Todd and Bradley pull up and we chatted a second and he gave Korey a dollar...Korey said, You always give me a dollar Uncle Todd...was so cute.

We grabbed Parker and headed to watch Shrek 3....was so funny, both boys were so good and about 15 minutes before the movie was to be over - Korey said...I am sleepy and if we don't go now I will fall asleep and not be able to play x-box...was so funny. Shrek was good, him and Fiona had triplets! wouldn't like it...they bottle fed :). I did have a moment thinking how cool it would be to take our own kids to see movies and to the fish store and such. And one crazy moment Ogre can have kids why not me .... HAHA.

I took some pics, they came back here to play x-box. Then a little bit later Little John came and I got some lovin :) and then took the kids home. I am hoping they come back next week for dinner and maybe Parker can spend the night. Had thought about planning a get together for him, but quickly changed my mind and will just do my own thing for him.

I go Monday morning for an MRI of my back, prayin that nothing serious is going on and surgery can be adverted for a bit longer. Though, I am so tired of this pain and though the steroids have helped, I can't imagine going through a spell like this again. This was the most intense pain ever...and I hate it happened while mom was here, she thought it was because I was over doing it for her.

Hmm guess that is it for now, I did close moms blog...she is better and my family is having a difficult time and leaving it open just tempts me to say things. I know very few if any family read this blog so I do feel more at ease saying a few things here. All I can do is pray for all of them, pray for hearts to soften and we all can have our family back.

Ok...on to pics :)

Parker, Daddy and Korey....Korey is such a ham!!!
Parker, Me, Korey and Scott
Poor Henry :) Korey didn't torture him too bad though.
Korey wanted to change the game every few minutes...
Look at those eyes, he is his father's son for sure. Him and Parker have their daddy's eyes. Little John is so handsome and one of the most sweetest guys I know. He has a heart as big as the outdoors and his children resemble him in so many ways. Parker is already flirting big time, and Korey is so sweet...and such a Daddy's boy. Though when Little John got here, Little John killed Koreys robot in the game and Korey was mad. He told his dad he was mean, then I heard him a few minutes later saying...really, You are seriously mean. Was so funny. Then Korey was fine and hanging on his daddy. Little John is such a good dad, he loves his boys...that is for sure!

Ok, off of here...bad storm and am feeling icky.


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