Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Is the day! I am so nervous already...I can't imagine how bad it is going to be tonight just before I get up there. And...Wednesday night usually isn't soooo bad. Most of the adults are helping with AWANA with the children so there is usually less than 70 or so in the sanctuary...not so bad huh???? Well, Last week was the last week for guess where the adults are going to be????????????????? SO that # is going to close to double!

To make matters brother is coming into town tonight. Hopefully not in time for church, but more than likely YES and he has such a wonderful voice. He sings ALL the time, but not gospel music...he is a country/blue grass singer. But, when he does sing a gospel song it just blows me away!

I haven't seen Johnny in a long time. I don't think I even got to see him when we went home for Christmas. I miss him a lot. Out of all of my brothers, I felt the closest to him. But now that I am in Myrtle Beach, we haven't kept in touch like I would like. I try to call but he is so busy with his job and with Susie and life...I understand why he can't call me sometimes.

Oooo please say a prayer for me today!!

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  1. for those who read Hope's blog this is her husband Scott I just want to let you know she had a stroke last night right after or maybe during her singing, we are not sure yet. She was incoherent for a while last night unresponsive to questions and had difficulty moving.
    Today she seems to be better and she doesn't seem to have any lasting effects. Her motor skills seem to be ok and she can talk like normal she is still a bit wobbly but I am hoping that too will go away. They are keeping her for a few days and doing tests like the mri she is in now. Please pray for us in this difficult time.