Wednesday, September 17, 2008

not much going on...

Hard to post regular when there isn't much going on. Had bronchitis, went to doc got meds almost over it. See B-O-R-I-N-G!

I feel like I am standing still. I am moody. Some family (and I use that term loosley) has forgotten what it means to love their kids without limits - especially when they are only 5! I can't talk about it, I just don't want to put it out there in the bloggerverse and one day he might see it or worse his dad and step mom sees it and I am sure it will make things worse.

I need a recharge or something. I have an exciting trip next month to a friends wedding. A friend I met on line actually. There are 11 of us that were TTC and we met and while there were a lot of women on that board, we all just clicked. I will be seeing at least 4 of them, maybe more! Kari and I will sing at the wedding, Jami is the Matron of Honor - it is all just a wonderful time to be had. I so NEED this!

Then almost as soon as I get home, Jubilee by The Sea will be happening! Talk about some recharging! Some of the best singers and preachers, missionaries gather at my old church in Myrtle Beach SC and if that all wasn't enough...the cherry on top of all of that...heck she is the whipped cream and chocolate too...I get to see Leslie and Burt and the boys! *whew got all teary eyed thinking about that*

November...another thanksgiving.
December...another Christmas and Scott's birthday.
January...another birthday for me.

Another year gone by. empty.


  1. Hoping that you are starting to feel better from the bronchitis. Yuck.

    While it is true that another year has passed, your writing shows that your life is far from empty. I hope that this next year brings you all you wish.

  2. Oh, Hope, I get it. I really do. Even as exciting as the process can be, it's still difficult. I was just thinking this week how sad I will be around the holidays, if we have to survive another year with no baby. Januarys are difficult for me because every year for the last 4 (this January will be 5!) I hope/pray/beg that "this" will be the year we have a baby. After so many disappointing years, January 1st has become a dreaded day. It reminds me that it was, yet again, another disappointing year.

    I'm sorry this isn't a very encouraging note...just know that I understand. You're not alone. I pray that disappointment ends next year, for both of us...(or this year, there's still time!)

  3. Hey girl! Just stopping by to say hello! I hope all is well with you guys.

    Always praying...