Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Quick update...

I just got off the phone with the lawyer - Jami he is SO nice. He answered all my questions and even though I was nervous lol, you could tell he was smiling at times and is really confident that this will all go smoothly. He says that when birth mom and adoptive mom find each other makes for the best adoptions.

He told me a lot of things that have to be done between now and October. He made me at ease about the father issue. He said that they put an announcement in the Sun times and Chicago tribune that the baby is going to be born and they have X amount of days to respond. He will call her and get things rolling with her, paperwork and such. There will be a lawyer for the baby as well. I have to have the homestudy and all that will be done here through DSS.

We talked about finances *gulp* It is a lot, but God is gonna make a way - I have no doubt. We have to have a 5k retainer for him before he does anything. The home study is 1500-2000. The baby's lawyer will be about 1500-2000. Filing paperwork and such down here will be about 500. Sooo, anyone got 10k laying around anywhere they just don't need LOL.

Extreme range of emotions but I have to have faith that God brought us here, He is gonna see us through it all. But as my mamma says, prayers need legs sometimes and we are going to work our tooshies off to make every dime. So pray for our finances and for my final surgery on the 29th - I will be bionic! *insert six million dollar man sound effects here*

Heading to Hickory to eat with the family...suhweeeeeet!

p.s. if anyone has any suggestions on raising this much money quickly (and legally) I would appreciate any information.


  1. There are lots of women on blogger with in-home businesses. I'm sure they would donate an item for you to give-away on your blog. You would just have to contact them and ask them. I've seen lots of women do this - to pay for their IVF cycles. They have things like, a free blog makeover or handbag, etc. and they offer $1 per entry to win. Then you just use to choose a name. Just an idea. :)

    You can also set a paypal account to have on your blog for any friends/family to make donations.

    And if you haven't had a yard sale in a while...have a family yard sale (have all of your friends/family donate anything they no longer use and all proceeds go towards your adoption expenses!

    That's all I have for now. :)

    Good luck, girl! God will provide.



  2. i am so glad to hear from you - i have been wondering how the adoption was coming along and if every thing was ok. HUGS!

  3. I'm new to your blog and so excited for you! What an amazing journey to be on. Jill has already suggested some good ideas. Maybe contact blogher so they can advertise on your site?
    All the best with it. If I can help in any way let me know xxx

  4. Hope,
    So excited for you!!! SO excited!!
    We withdrew retirement accounts that I had to pay for our first adoption. We financed some of it through our credit union.
    Don't forget about the adoption tax credit. It takes several years but, you do get it back....if our current Prez and Congress don't do away with it!!