Thursday, October 09, 2014

time flies...


Five years today we lost you.

Sometimes it feels like yesterday we were planning, preparing for you - then just as easy as going to sleep the night before, waking up October 9th, 2009 and it was over.

I still pray and think of you every day.  I pray she loves you as much as I do.  I wonder if you like school.  I pray someone is sharing the love of Jesus with you.  I pray this pain would go away.

I don't know why we were put in this spot, why we still are childless.  People take for granted hearing the words mommy or daddy coming out of their childs mouth.  What I would give to hear a child calling for his daddy and that daddy being Scott.

five, this day doesn't get easier.  Even though we have started our journey into fostering - hopefully adopting someday soon.

I go back and read all my posts from the day we found out about you until...October 11th, 2009.  I shouldn't, I am the poster child for the ugly cry.  I think it is harder this year...daddy not being here.


five....time flies!!

This post was the hardest to read, to feel...

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