Thursday, December 07, 2006 HE did it!

Last night, I sang....Scott kept asking what his surprise was, I told him he would have to wait. Then I didn't even look back at him as the choir director called my name to come up and sing a song. Once I started singing...I looked back at him and he was all smiles.

Doug handed me the microphone and I turned to face the audience and .... NO headache, the audience wasn't bouncing to my heart beat, I could hear the music...YAY! I wasn't nervous...but I could hear my voice shaking...I think it was because I was so excited to be singing and not about to pass out. As I was walking back to my seat...the Pastor you feel? I said...I am not passing out or stroking out!! I did have a bit of a headache as I sat down, but nothing compared to that night and I was not giving in to it. The pastor preached on Rainbows...they are God's promise. He said something that really popped with me. He you see rainbows during the storm? Do you see them before the storm? Noooooo just after the storm. We always have a time of prayer requests and praises after the service on Wednesday nights, and I couldn't hold it in...I raised my hand and tearfully told the pastor and the church that I found my rainbow and how the devil had been fighting me and my desire to sing, and tonight...he lost that battle! AMEN!

I did have a rough night after we got home. It started about 12.... I woke up with bad acid reflux...I ran to get some water and started throwing up....which brought on a bad headache....which brought on more nausea and vomiting. SORRRY TOOO MUCH INFO. I hated to call in, but I had to. So today I stayed in bed with a cool cloth and drawn curtains. I still don't feel good at all, but tomorrow is my official last day and I really want to be there.

I do hate leaving my job, my favorite patients, my friends I have made there. I have great bosses and friends there, but it is time to go home. I miss Mr. Loup something fierce. He really held the lab together, he was such a wonderful man and boss. I am going to miss everyone so much, but I will come visit and call.

Well, I just wanted to update my performance and ask for some prayers...for my health, finances and our move home.

Ohh and we will be staying with Burt and Leslie. I am so excited, it will be so much fun. I hope they know how much we love and appreciate them....oooo gonna miss them so much.

It is so hard to look at Bill and Becky...our Sunday school teachers. They are so wonderful and I will miss them too. I feel like I am letting them down somehow...I hope they don't think that. I really feel this is what the Lord wants us to do.


  1. I am sooooo glad that things went well!!! YAY!!! I knew you would be fine and touch many hearts with your story/song of victory!! You can't keep a good woman down!! Satan will try, but God always prevails!!

  2. Scott1:13 PM

    Just an FYI she is the only one who thought her voice was shaky I think it was wonderful and I nearly lost it as I watch her smile and sing her heart out..