Friday, January 12, 2007

A new year...

A new year, new house (sorta), new church, new jobs, new (old) resolutions. I hope this is a year for lots of new things, people, places and kept resolutions.

As far as resolutions...of course the diet/weight loss one. I also had these:

-make a budget and stick to it.
-be a better wife, daughter, friend, aunt and Christian.
-sing more
-read my Bible and make more time for God.
-stop with the clutter!

This last week has been difficult. Scott is in Myrtle Beach working, and it was so hard to see him go and being by myself without him has been terrible. We will be married 17 years next month and I am so used to him being there...I just can't stand being without him.

He has had interviews, but nothing has came of them. He did get a call back yesterday from one job that the man that he interviewed with has quit/fired/something and the one that they are hiring to replace him wants input on who gets the job Scott is applying for. Then he got a call from a woman in Winston Salem, Wachovia bank. She says she is very interested in interviewing him. It is a bit further away than we wanted but the salary is nearly double what he makes right now...sooooo we are considering it.

The house is starting to come together. I have wayyy to much crap. And so much has to be done still to the house. But, until Scott is here and life is back to normal, it will have to wait.

I have had family over a bit since being home. I made some mexican soup and Mom and Dad, Misti and Brady and Lily came over. It was so nice, Lily is so funny. She got so sleepy but fought it so hard. She would fall while walking every few steps, but get up and her eyes would roll a little and walk/fall again. I needed it a lot while Scott was gone, my 2 brothers came by one night and ate with me...oops 2 nights. We fried catfish, onion rings, taters and slaw...YUMMMMY.

I have Christmas kitty and he is soooo much fun. He will lay down beside me and roll over on his back and paw at me to rub his belly...just like a puppy. Sooo cute.

We haven't started any thing yet on the foster/adoption road. The lady I spoke to said it would be best if Scott had a job here before we get too deep. I am working on paperwork though.

We are keeping Chirsten and Caleb tomorrow....I am so excited. I haven't wanted to take care of any child for so long unless it was my own. But, I have to get over that...and they are so dang cute!

Hey Kari! ((HUGS))

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