Thursday, February 08, 2007

God is on time...all the time.

We prayed for God to lead us, and it really felt like he led us home to NC. We didn't know what was in store, how we would do it...but we did it. I came home just before Christmas. Scott turned in his notice to work until January 31st. Well, January 25th or so came and he had no job...we can't be without insurance, a salary...we just have too many things going on. So we questioned our move, our faith wavered and Scott even asked to have his last day extended until the end of February. What we thought was an unfortunate not possible...ended up being a blessing. He had a third interview on Monday with the job that was on top of his wish list. He felt really good about it, but he has had the same feelings with a few of the interviews. So all week we have been thinking about ways to make money in other ways, stressing about what we are going to do.

Late last night, we were at Scott's mom and dads house. Scott and his dad ran out to get dinner and my phone rings. The man asks for Scott and I tell him he isn't here can I take a message. That is when our world changed...our prayers answered...our faith renewed...The man said, I am calling from One Who Serves....I know he had to hear me gasp and get all giddy. I told him he should call Scott on his phone and then paused and asked him if it was good news. He then said...and you could tell he was smiling...I hope Scott thinks this is good news!! YAY. I sat on pins and needles waiting for Scott to call me back. FINALLY he called and said, Guess what?? I played dumb, and he told me that we had a decision to make! "WHAT? You didn't tell him yes?" I asked Scott. Scott told me that Gordon...his new boss :) told him not to make a decision until Scott and I could sit and talk about it. I thought that was so thoughtful! So Scott has called him this morning and left a message for him to call him back. Once Gordon gets Scott's answer, they will send him the contracts and such. Scott starts work Monday.

God was right on time! Scott needed a break from all the driving and stress that we have had to deal with during this transition. He got almost 2 weeks. Thank you GOD!

This just finally marks the beginning of this chapter of our lives. Once we get a few things done to the house and he gets a month or so under his belt at work, we will start welcoming foster children into our home in hopes to adopt. I get so excited talking about it, thinking about it. YAY.

Now if God will just lead us to our new Church. We have visited a few and none have been the right fit. I feel we were spoiled by Grand Strand...I just don't know how we will find a church even close to giving us everything that we received there. But, God has a plan!

I miss my church so much, I miss Burt and Leslie and Colin sooo much. We spent so much time together, I feel like I am slipping back into that rut of just staying home and not doing much of anything. Now that he will be working and I am doing some scrapbooking for some friends...making a lil money I hope....we will get out and look up old friends.

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  1. Praise God indeed!! I am so happy that Scott has found a job that fits so well!!! I am happy that things will now start to fall into place. It makes me smile when good things finally happen to good people! YAY!!