Saturday, February 24, 2007

Party went well

The cool!!

Daddy and his brother Leon....between them they can smell a cup of coffee 8 miles away! Thank God I got my mammas nose! :)

Daddy Debra and his brother Junior....look at those ears!

Aunt Betty with my sweet mommy!

Chris came to celebrate his fishing/golfing buddy.

Sweet brother Todd.

Me, brother Johnny and Todd singing...was fun!

Daddy and Lisa

Me and my poppy!

Me and my oldest brother Tommy.

Lil and her pops Johnny my brother :)

Newly weds Bradley and Marquita

Cara, Misti and Lily all smiles!

Chef Susie...actually she did do so much. Her job and other things has kept Susie from being at many family functions, and she has been really missed. Her smile is contagious, she makes people feel good, she helps out in any way, she is just such an important member of this family, her absence has been felt. She was my best friend growing up. *good memories - sigh :)*

this was by far my favorite picture of the night! China doll looking I think. Just could eat her up...

The party was very good. Not as many people came as I had hoped, but the ones that needed to be there were there I guess. It was so great to see daddy with his family and I look forward to more get together soon. I have talked about a family day and will get more into that in another post.

Happy birthday my dear Poppy, words can't tell you how proud I am to be your daughter, how much I love you and respect you...and appreciate you. *sniffles*

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