Saturday, March 10, 2007

What new life can do...

It can cure the funk!

And I have been in quite a funk lately, culmination of a lot of things, but a funk none the less. So what do you think my dear sweet loving *cough* husband does...takes me to get this...

This is Sandy Sue Caroline and here is her story. She is 7 1/2 months old, her previous owner Chuck got her when she was 2 months old. He has an older black lab and after 5 months of trying, the older lab Ebony stayed out of sorts disconnected while Sandy was there. So he put an ad in the paper to 'interview' people to take her. She is registered AKC, he paid 250 bux for him, but was giving her away to the right family. He explained to people when they called that she was an inside dog. The woman he chose picked her up Thursday night and called him later that night frantic. She put her outside in a fence and left her. When she got back the dog had jumped the fence and she wanted to know if Sandy had jumped a fence before. Chuck said, she has never been in a fence before! He told her he was coming to get her and so he did. It was just meant to be, when we got there, there were 20 messages on his answering machine about her and he had set up times with a lot of folk, had talked to a few already too. But, as soon as I walked in, Ebony and Sandy were all over me and he said they really don't do that. Then Sandy...exhausted by the night before lays on my feet and falls asleep! We thought we would be talking to him and then leave and then he says he feels that we are perfect for her and would we want to take her home. Oooo I was so excited. He gave us all of her paperwork with her heritage and registration and such, then handed us two bowls full of toys an another collar. He hugged and loved on her and then we loaded her up! Ebony even jumped in the car to go.

He offered us the crate that she uses and we took that as well. She is house trained, does a few commands, and is crate trained to stay in their while we are gone and such. Luc never used a crate, but he never was destructive. I don't know if we will use it as much, but we'll see.

So this morning I got up at 6 and she came running with not one...but two toys in her mouth! I don't know how she did that. So we played in the house for a bit, she is so good at fetch and then we walked outside and played until she did her binnnness.

Henry....not so happy, he won't even sit long enough to even talk to the dog. He didn't come out from under the couch until I took her outside, soon as we walked back in...zooooooooooooom. Poor cat, I know he hasn't ate or drank all night...not to speaking of poooop or least he better not have under that couch!

Hoping today ends our car search, Scott really wants something better to drive up and down that mountain. UGH I would rather take Scott shoe shopping....and that is saying a lot.

Poooor Henry...last time I really touched him and then he jetted as soon as he saw Sandy :(
Ohh and a new frig can help with the funk too...:) New Samsung black frig...yay me!

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  1. "Dog!!! Dog!!!" Is what Lily exclaimed when she saw your blog, Hope! She is still pointing and wanting to see the dog again. LOL. So I'll indulge her and post the comment. ;) Sandy is a sweet dog, for sure. Such a content animal. :) The prettiest eyes and nose and ears and coat. She's a beaut! ;)