Saturday, March 17, 2007

fun with Chirsten and Caleb

We went to Scott's parents and there were Chirsten and Caleb. They are so much fun. I wish some days I had an ounce of their energy. Caleb is turning 4 this week and he is just soooo smart. It seems both of them walked and talked early, and Chirstens teachers are always talking about how smart Chirsten is, she is usually ahead of all of the other kids in her class. She gets her smarts from me HAHA.

The kids though, are going through a lot of things. In spite of all of the issues with their parents...and the mothering of the grandmother...they are good kids. They are well-behaved, smart, beautiful children. It scares me sometimes how they will be when they get older, they get everything and I do mean everything they ask for...and reality is not going to be like that.

They love Scott...I have never seen kids act like they do around him. Scott has always been scared around kids and now he just plays and acts like they are his own kinda and it is so heart warming to see it.

Speaking of energy....

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