Saturday, March 31, 2007


She is sick. I am afraid she is really bad sick. She has pneumonia for one. That she is getting over pretty easily. I am worried about her heart. She has a stent, a few known small blockages and recently she was diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation. The doctor came in on Friday and said her symptoms sound more cardiac than the ER docs thought. Her chest pain is quickly eased with nitroglycerin. When they put the patch on she had relief all through the day. When it started to wear off, the chest pressure started back.

I am scared that this is more than a stent can handle. I don't know how to handle her having bypass if that is required. That is a tough surgery and she is just not up to herself right now. But, God knows how much she can handle...and my mom is tough. She has many praying for her and prayer is the best medicine. Wouldn't it be great if she has the cath on Monday and it comes back fine! That would be an answer to all of our prayers.

Johnny, my brother...he can be comic relief sometimes. He said that he hates it..and so does a lot of people...when mom is in the hospital. Not for reasons you might guess...but because my mom is the never ending cook. She feeds the whole crowd and anyone else that might be lurking around. I have never been in her house when there wasn't something cooking or already cooked. At the very least, and I love this meal...there is ALWAYS a pot of pintos on and corn bread fritters or a cake of corn bread's on the table in 10 minutes...just enough time to get your favorite jar of chow-chow opened and a big ole glass of milk poured. So Johnny said worse thing about mom being sick...we all gonna starve. We are gonna look like a bunch of Ethiopians running around! We all cracked up. I needed that laugh. I love him. Johnny is so busy all the time..he worries me. It can be hard to get in touch with him. BUT, if one of us are in trouble, sick, whatever and he gets wind of it...he is there. He loves his family, he has a never ending supply of forgiveness and love for all of us. I know when I need him, though I might can't find him right off he will be there.

Tommy is in his own hard time world. But if I needed him I know he would be there for me. different as him and Johnny are in is priority to Todd as well. I don't know how mom and dad would live without him. He has taken on the responsibility of caretaker for them. If something is going on, Todd will be down there in a flash to do what is needed. I know if I called him he would be there just as fast. He has a heart as big as the out doors. I love him, I don't tell them enough.

So if you read this...take a minute please and pray for my momma. My daddy too. He is worn out from driving 45 minutes each way to see her and he can't sleep without her. He just looks pitiful. Even though they fuss sometimes...they can't do without each other.

It took a lot for me to let her stay alone tonight. But, I have a headache and I think it is because I didn't use my crap mask (C PAP) last night. I didn't sleep good last night and hope I get a good nights rest so I can get up early and go in and give her a good bath and wash and dry her hair.

I love her.

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