Wednesday, March 14, 2007

On a lighter side..

This crazy dog just steals my heart more and more every day. She has calmed down a lot and when Scott isn't home she comes and lays her head on my leg....sooo sweeeeeet. Lots of slobbery kisses too. Her and the cat has finally started playing...

so funny!

Yesterday Lily and Misti came for a visit...Lily is so photogenic.

the last one was her holding the clothes I had gotten her...looks like she likes 'em huh?

She is sooo cute.

Then today...we finally get a car. Funny we started out Scott wanted nothing but a Jeep...NOTHING else would do. Well, 4 weeks later, he and I talked and we didn't think that the jeep would be too kid friendly and that is our future one way or the this is what we got. VW Passat far from a jeep! It is so nice, all leather and just an all around sweet ride.

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  1. Lily looks so much like you!! She is a beauty!