Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I'm not 40, I'm 18 with 22 years experience!


and NOW

Turning 40 had made me think of where I was, where I am. Scott and I celebrate our 19th wedding anniversary next month and it is hard to remember life before him. He is my rock. I have wonderful family that are there when I need them. Friends that accept me faults and all.

I was saved when I was 6, but honestly I really feel like my walk didn't start until after Scott and I married. I mean, I knew I was saved, I went to church, I prayed, I didn't go crazy sinning...but something about having someone walking with me made it more substantial. Then ours really grew when we joined our church in Myrtle Beach.

I have regrets, I have things I wish that I never had to go through, hind sight is 20/20 no doubt.

I know sometimes I feel like my arms are empty - no baby. But there are times they are over flowing. Scott can make me forget about everything. I have children in my life that make me feel loved and needed. I haven't gave up on my child, never will until God tells me to.
But other than knowing I need to get my license renewed today...I feel the same.
I know Scott and I are spending the evening together - just us. He rubbed a gift under my nose all night and then had the nerve to take it with him to work so I wouldn't rude!!

Yesterday my family called wishing me a happy birthday. That meant so much.

so 40...where did it all go? It went spending time with family and friends hugging, fishing, laughing, praying, crying, eating, loving, fussing, making up, shopping, living, eating, learning, going to church, reading, driving to santee or the beach, fighting, having parties and yes - eating...our family is one crazy eating any chance they can together family. Looking forward to the next 40!
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  1. Happy Birthday, Girl!

    You look fabulous!


  2. Hope - I hope your birthday is filled with happiness and blessing galore! Happy, happy birthday!

  3. Happy 18th Birthday! :0)

    I hope you have a really wonderful evening with Scott tonight.

  4. Happy, happy, happy birthday! May today be a joyous celebration of you and may your year ahead be full of delightful surprises!