Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Last nerve block...thank God!

Tomorrow I go for my last nerve block for my back. We are also scheduling the appointment with the surgeon to discuss/plan for the stimulator. Pep asked what that was so I will explain. It is a small implant that goes under the skin with leads that go to the spine at the place where the nerve is causing the pain. It give off a current that blocks the pain from getting to the brain. It is a gentle tingle that is continuous. The one we are talking about has a remote control of sorts that increases/decreases the intensity. I can't drive with it on, and he said most turn it off at night - the tingling he says can be a little too much for sleep. It is along the lines of a pacemaker of sorts I guess.

I have to have a psychological evaluation before they will do, guess that might rule me out huh? The doctor said that it is not something they just do. I have had 3 back surgeries and I am still in pain, possibly more than before. He called it failed back surgery syndrome...hmm.

Scott and I said we weren't gonna weigh but on the first of every month...but I am addicted to the scale! I have lost 3 pounds!!! wooot. All we have changed is no soft drinks, I haven't even had a diet one. I think all that sodium out of my diet is helping a lot.

Scott works with a lady that adopted one child a while back and is about to adopt two more. He is going to get more information from her and who she went through. He said he thinks she went through the foster system. We will see.

Guess that is it...except 21 more days until I reach the top of the hill and start the rapid slippery slide down it. UGH I knew I couldn't stay 29 forever.

Ya'll have a great night, thanks for all the prayers...peace surrounds me more and more. We are visiting a new church on Sunday...I am excited really. I have felt pulled to this church for a while, but it is a bit away...maybe 30 minutes, but if that is where He wants me....zoooom zoooom zooooom!

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  1. You sound much more positive and serene than you have been lately - i'm happy for you. i like your new winter backdrop too. hugs!

  2. oh yeah! way to go on those 3 pounds and on no more cokes! woot back at you!

  3. DH and I are going through a foster/adoption agency (more foster that adopt) and really feel that because God has opened our eyes to see that being a parent is more important that being pregnant.

    Maybe you can check in you area to see if that is a more direct route to becoming a mommy. It doesn't always need to be through the state or county.