Thursday, May 07, 2009

Happy Mother's Day to me :)

She called!!!

About 15 minutes ago. I was laying there with a cool cloth on my head - dang headache for some reason. The phone rang with my generic ring and I almost let it go to voice mail...but I didn't. I had Survivor on the TV and was freakin out to find the remote to turn it off.

She said that Sunday was so crazy with family that she had no time to call. She then left my number at her moms so she had no way really to call me.

But my packet finally got to her and my numbers and such were in it of course. She said she has read it like 20 times and it has kept her in such a great mood all day. She said that seeing that we love to fish was exciting...she loves to fish too. There were a lot of things she said that made her so happy.

She said she knows this is what she wants and that she hasn't changed her mind at all. She sounded so excited. She is calling me again on Saturday unless something happens.

Let's see there was something else....

hmmmwhat was it???

dobedobedooooooooooooooo hmm what could it be???

OOOHHhhh yeah I know...

Do you really want to know???

Should I make you wait???

noooo I am not that mean!!

or am I????

I can't wait to see a picture of our Isaac John Henry Lail...that is a mouthful huh? beautiful wonderful mouthful!

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  1. YAY!!!! I'm so excited for you!

  2. Now THAT makes for a good day! I will be praying that God continues to work out all the details.



  3. I am crying. So excited for you. I hope it continues to got this well!!!

    Boys are awesome by the way, I love mine. :0)

  4. That is so great, Hope! I've been praying for you today, along with a couple of other friends who are hoping to adopt soon. I'm so glad you heard from her and I hope everything will go smoothly from here!

  5. wow hope! congrats!

  6. This makes my day!! I'm so happy for you. I'll continue to pray that everything goes smoothly.

    Congrats, girl!


  7. YAH!!!!! Another boy! How funny that we're all getting boys. I love it :)

    Isn't this the best Mother's Day week you've ever had?

  8. Oh my God! I am so happy for you! Thank you God for putting these two special women in touch with one another and for granting Hope the hope and faith to hold on to You and wait for Your will to be done in her life!
    Prayers Hope, that everything will just be blessed as you and Scott wait through these next few months and that you and this special bological mommy can share this pregnancy together.

  9. Again, so excited for you!! I will keep checking in on you!!