Tuesday, May 05, 2009


for the lack of an update....but it is a reflection of the lack of information I have.

She didn't call.

I know in her situation that things can happen, a variety of things that could keep her from calling. My greatest fear is after spending time with her family and her other two children she has changed her mind. If that is God's plan, what can I say. I just pray for some information either way.

DeAnn did say she was excited after talking to me Thursday and wanted to know if the baby would have my accent.

still praying...

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  1. Hoping with you....

    (That's funny about the accent! Rebekah said she was really excited that baby boy would have my accent...Never knew I had one! :)

  2. I will continue to pray with you. If this is your baby, she will call. :) If it's not, God has another waiting for you. I truly believe that.


  3. Just getting caught up on what's happening with you in your last two posts! I wanted you to know that I'll be praying that God will make the path very clear to you right now. I REALLY hope it works out the way I'd love to see it happen - with this baby in your arms!