Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I forgot to post what happened with Rebecca the next day...

When I got to the airport she texts me that her phone died while she was on the road and she didn't have my number anywhere else, and all the directions I gave her were in the phone. She was so upset, and honestly I was too. It all just seemed like so much in a short period of time...the doctors appointment change, the zoo...then this. But, after some much needed sleep it added up a lot better than when I was sitting in the airport running on fumes :)

It was hard to be so close to her and the baby and not see them, but I have faith everything is gonna be fine. This is God's plan and no amount of our input will change it. In less than 4 weeks he will be here, in our arms and that makes any pain, disappointment or lack of sleep worth it!


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  1. Oh wow. I am still very sorry that you did not get to see her. I know that was hard. Like you said, in liess thn 4 weeks that lil one will be in your arms. I am praying for you daily.