Thursday, September 03, 2009

What a day...

Yesterday and today I have had laryngitis...yay Scott ;)

My head was hurting too and when I woke up I knew I had things to do and just felt like staying in bed.

I stayed with my little lady Monday night and Tuesday night, Wednesday morning I woke up at 5ish throwing up like crazy. I was so glad to get home and in my bed and close to my sweet husband. The money is good, she is nice but booooo I miss my hubby!!

So today was blah, I needed to call Jami to firm up our plans for next week when we see Rebecca. I had to scream into the phone almost for her to hear me haha. We talked and gabbed a bit...a little bit since my voice was just air with a garbled sound. Then Jami asked if I had talked to the lawyer about maybe doing it pro bono. Hmm, no I hadn't. So when we hung up I emailed him, just telling him about some of our issues financially and he emailed me this back...


I am very pleased to hear from you. I understand that life sometimes puts roadblocks in our way, and would like to work with you towards your goal. Its interesting to hear this from you, because ever since we talked, I've felt very strongly that I should have offered you some alternative to the usual retainer in these type of cases. Perhaps God was speaking to me on your behalf. Who am I to question Him, after all?

I am confident we can work something out. My first idea would be to reduce the retainer to $3500.00 and have your husband build a website for me. Does that seem feasible to you? Please let me know.

How amazing is that??? I all but ... ok I did cry. That is enough to really make a difference. I love how he had thought it before I emailed him...dang it he shoulda told me so I wouldn't have been stressing so much. We are still working on all the money, but he agreed to let us pay him $2000 next week and then the rest when we come up for the birth. AHHH how awesome is our God!! and our lawyer!!!

So that made my day, along with a do do do do do moment with my mom...

She saw her friend Pat this week and Pat called her yesterday and wanted mom to pray for her to find her jewelry, a few pieces she can't find but are very expensive. She was crying and so mom prayed with her. Mom said she was praying and it was like God told her they were in a drawer. Mom told Pat as soon as she stopped praying what she felt and Pat blew it off saying she had looked everywhere in every drawer. Well, today Pat called mom...she had went to get her bra out of the drawer and just as she lifted it up there was the jewelry laying under the bra!! Pat was really laughing and crying at the same time, mom said it really feels good when God lets us know He hears our prayers. That is what I told mom, I was on my face praying most of the day yesterday for Isaac...and He heard my prayer.

I just sang this song for mom last Sunday...

Whispered Prayers

Whispered prayers
ride the wings of
holy angels from here to there
God is listening when we speak them
There is power in whispered prayers.


Thank you friends/family...some strangers as well, for your whispered prayers!

On a side note, talked to Rebecca Monday and she had gained 40 pounds, the baby is great and is now estimated to be around 8 pounds when born. She is excited to meet me, as I am her. I can't wait to hug her and look in her eyes and just tell her face to face how much she means to us. I will post tons of pics :)

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