Sunday, September 09, 2007

Time flies...when you're having a second surgery! read that right, second. On Friday August 24th, I picked up a computer cord that was on a box about knee high. I turned and walked 2 steps and POP....something popped, later found out it was the remainder of the disc rupturing. I cried out for Scott he came running, shaking when he got there and he basically carried me to the bed. I thought I could take pain meds and just sleep it off, the pain was the worse EVER. I cried all night - taking multiple pain pills and phenergan as I was so nauseated from the pain. I got out of bed Saturday morning and somehow took a shower and then made it to the ER after calling the ortho doc. I get there and I can't sit so they have to get a stretcher and wheel me that way into the ER.

I got so frustrated while in the ER. The ortho doc already said they would admit me, I told the ER doc that and he seemed to ignore me. He came in and said he would give me something for pain and send me home until I could have another MRI on Monday. I said WOAH...I can't even sit on a commode to pee...I can't walk, I can't lay...pain pills worked like tic tacs! I asked if he called the ortho and he said no, I took a deep breath and asked him to PLEASE call and about 5 minutes later they were coming in to put IV in and get me on a pain pump (Morphine) and get me up to a room. The morphine pump started every 20 minutes I could get meds....finally down to every 10 minutes. I couldn't pee...they put me on a bed pan and do you know how hard it is to lay down and pee??? I couldn't get a drop out so they put in a catheter...of course I had a male nurse that night...EEEK

Susie was such a God-send. She knew all the nurses on the floor and while I know they are great nurses and probably treat everyone great...they really went over board with me. I got such a great treatment while there, Catawba is my hospital of choice! The ortho doc came in and said the ER doc told him I wasn't having pain down my legs so he ordered a CT and x-ray...I said WHAT??? I told him everything I told the ER doc...pain down my leg was excruciating! He got as frustrated with the ER as I did...and then ordered an MRI with contrast. They did it and the disc had ruptured and I needed immediate surgery. Dr. Maxy had 13 surgeries on Monday...I didn't want to be on the 28th I had a second surgery. The excruciating pain was gone at first. I came home and it got worse. It has finally evened out...but I can't do anything alone. I have to use a walker to get anywhere. The doctor said I could NOT sit for more than 5 minutes, recline for more than 30 and to walk only as tolerated with the walker. So I am in bed for 30 days pretty much.

Mom stays here through the week and takes care of me...she has been so wonderful. She and Lisa bathed me when I got home....I can now take my own is rough but getting better. I hate being in bed, but I am not going to go against the doctor....I want to get better.

I have gotten so many calls, cards, packages and so many prayers going up for me. I get in the dumps easy, but I know it is because I am stuck in bed...but my family and friends have really been here for me. I am so blessed.

Scott is amazing...he has done things he probably never thought he would do. He cleaned up puke, bathed me, wiped me, changed much and never once complained.

Ooo it is late, gotta get to sleep...just wanted to update a little.

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