Monday, October 22, 2007

Love in the shape of a puppy awww

We had gotten a dog not too long ago named Sandy. She was a great dog, huge yellow lab. She was just too much to handle and my cousin Lori gave her a home...a big fenced in pasture and Anthony loves her to death. She has a big barn to sleep in and Anthony takes her to the pond.

I hated to give her away but she was too much for inside the house. My mother in law brought me a puppy...YES LENA...haha, she got me a tiny puppy-an American Bulldog. It was love at first sight. Caleb wanted to name her Flower...ehh, so we decided Daisy was a flower...and she is white. So we have been training her with a crate and she has started already to scratch at the door to go out...sometimes to just play but most of the time to do her business. She is so smart I think. I am having to teach her not to bite, and so far she is learning.

Having her has really motivated me to get up more, she has to go, drink. She can go up and down the steps now so that is easier. I just love her. Henry is finally starting to play a little...not too much, but a little. He just walks by her and sticks his nose in the air like he is too good to play with a puppy.

John snuggling with her, and he doesn't even like dogs...yeah right!! He hogged her the whole time we were there!

Her little Halloween dress...hehe

Awww how cute is she!!!
Our house with some Halloween Decos...Scott did it...he is such a kid!

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