Sunday, February 10, 2008

18 years...our marriage is old enough to vote!

18 years ago...

I woke up early this morning, really I barely is the big day! I am marrying my soul mate. *SHIVER* There hangs my beautiful...I can't believe it is happening! I looked out my window and half-way expected to see fairy's dancing, the perfect sunrise and a chariot waiting to take me to the church..haha. But, I did see a few birds...fairy like enough, cloudy skies...but the sun was out there somewhere and my shiny new red car...ready to take me to the church!

I ate a piece of toast and looked up towards my parents house and saw the smoke from the chimney and the lights on in the kitchen. I knew my mom and dad were awake, their baby girl was getting married today! I shower, get dressed and gather all my goodies and my dress and put them in the car. I walk into the house and mom was crying of course and daddy was getting ready. Mom and I hugged and I slipped out.

I drove to the church....not the church, but Gilboa...the old church my dad pastored for a long time. It is a beautiful one room white church nestled in the woods. I wanted to get married there, but it was winter...the church is not huge, so we went with Scott's church. Modern and warm haha. But I always go to Gilboa and it seems to bring me closer to God. There aren't services there anymore but I feel Him. I was saved at this church when I was 6. I remember it as clear as anything. I drive up and get out of my car. The cemetery is where we picked daffodils, played hide and seek...and at times we had our Sunday School class at its edge. I sat and prayed a little, asking God to make this day perfect. I wanted to make Scott happy, to give him a family and to be a wonderful Christian wife to him.

I never once doubted that Scott was the one, never. Even though he proposed after only ohhh...8 hours of knowing each other. I look down at my ring, he did good, a forever reminder that he chose me!

I head to the real church. Everything is ready, I am now dressed and waiting with my dad to walk down the aisle. I feel the tears welling up but I keep them at bay. There's our cue! We start walking and there were a lot more people than I thought! Then I could see the front and everyone else went blurry...there he was! In white too....yummy. We get to the steps and I was so focused on him I forgot to lift the front of my dress and so each step I walked more and more into the front of my dress....almost to my knees when I got to the embarrassing! HOW FUNNY! I laughed through the entire ceremony. We said I do...the music played, we we kissed. Mr. and Mrs. Scott Lail ladies and gentlemen! We walked down the aisle and wow...we were married - that was quick.

18 years later...

We still feel like newlyweds. Our love has sustained us through so much, deaths, sickness, financial things, moving for jobs, infertility, family amazes me how at the end of the day...all we need is each other and God! No matter the valley, Scott lifts me up to the mountain top with a look...a touch, a kiss. God has blessed us with each other, and as long as we have that...the rest will be ok.

I want to have a renewing ceremony ... maybe next year, who cares if it is the 19th anniversary. I want to do it at Gilboa....I want that white horse and carriage to deliver me to the church, to Scott. I want to do it in the spring, I want the cemetery filled with daffodils, the trees blooming with white ribbons and the windows open in the church with white sheer curtains blowing in the breeze. I want us to recommit to each other and to God.

18 years...who woulda thunk it!?!

Ruth 1:16 Intreat me not to leave thee, [or] to return from following after thee: for whither thou goest, I will go; and where thou lodgest, I will lodge: thy people [shall be] my people, and thy God my God:

That was a verse from our ceremony...and my aunt Audrey sang the hymn for us. I love him!

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