Tuesday, February 12, 2008

2008 off with a bang

Scott and I are planning a trip to Myrtle Beach next week...Leslie and Burt are gonna be birthin a baby! So excited. I hope it is a little girl, but will be just as happy with a boy. I can't wait to spend time with Colin too - he is soooooo cute, got his birthday picture and he is growin up sooo...tooooo quickly!

We are faced with decisions and I detest not feeling certain about things.

We wanted to buy my uncles house - well it isn't his anymore as he has past. It was the house my grandfather built, it was the first house my parents lived in...and it is connected to my parents land. Unfortunately things didn't happen as hoped and the house was being put on the market. I pray that someone that is wonderful gets the house as it is next door to my brother Todd and my cousin Steve. Realistically the house was probably too small, in desperate need of updating.

So, we are thinking of maybe updating this house...but Scott works in Asheville...he has an hour and half drive one way...it is getting to be too much. We contemplated moving up the mountain for 6 months, see if it makes him like his job any more...but he really wants to find a job here. Soooo we are going to try to hang out a while longer...but those gas fill ups are bankrupting us!!

There is a house next door to us that we have wanted for a long time, it is beautiful and in no need of updating...3 bedrooms .. much nicer house than my uncles or this one. If we moved in there, we would let my nephew and his wife move in here. That is the perfect scenario...they are having a baby and would be so nice to be able to help them and babysit for them when needed. Plus Brad is our lifesaver, he is like our child in a way!

I am disgruntled with my current orthopedic doctor...am not satisfied that this is permanent and to accept we are at pain management. So...making the choice to find another doctor. We need another car, hopefully something better on gas...so that is something we are discussing. I can't really drive right now but can go to the grocery just up the street or maybe to the pharmacy. Being stuck here with no way to do what I want is killing me!

STILL NO PERIOD! gonna fix that though. 2 months are almost gone now and dang it...we are sticking to our time frame as of January 2009 - no more TTC...full on intense adoption will be our next step to parenthood.

My brother in law is getting married in April, lots of things I would love to do for that...but my back is keeping me from it. They really seem happy and I am glad that Chris is excited and in love. I feel for Amanda, I love her and want her to be happy too but it isn't going to be with Chris. Jen is great and she loves Chris so much, and we all are falling in love with her too.

My mom is doing better, her pacemaker is making her feel better...so on that front things are improving. My family still is split and I don't see healing there anytime soon, all I can do is pray.

My back is a bit worse I think, I feel like something is going on. The pain in my left leg is back - not as intense but it is back. The other pain is getting worse, and I feel like I am at a dead end with my current doctor. I do have physical therapy coming up, but my moms ordeal put it off and with my trip next week I think I will wait until the week after.

Hmm that is about it I guess...I wish that it was all sugar and sweetness...I know one day that I will wake up completely happy with my life. God is always here, He is faithful - I just have to have faith in Him!

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