Sunday, August 24, 2008

Thank you...and a request...

Thank you all for the encouragement - you are all the best!!

I will post more later...

I met this little girl...kind of random, my brother's van ran over her...she is more than ok in that aspect...Thank GOD the van straddled her and she got a bump and some hair on her head scraped off.

Last minute my brother asked me to take her swimming with the kids and I said yes - even though I was sure her mother...not knowing me from Eve probably wouldn't let her go. Without hesitating and with very little communication (a sentence at most) she sent me out the door with her 4 year old little girl. The mother is pregnant and has a 1 year old...she also has an older child but she is not with her.

I will post more about little Memphis when I feel more comfy about it. Just really pray for her and her mom and family. Pray for me .. that the Lord will give me answers and a clear path. My heart is breaking for her and I think I know what to do and then I don't.

This is her...the picture doesn't do her justice.


  1. Wow. I will be praying for God's will in your life and in this little girl's life.

  2. You have such a big heart.


  3. Sounds like mom more than has her plate full! I can see why she jumped at the chance for a sweet person to help her out for awhile!