Wednesday, July 08, 2009

A peak at what he is going to look like...

Today, I spoke with Rebecca and it is so comfortable to talk to her - like an old friend. Though, I get excited when we talk about how close it is getting. She just amazes me.
Well, I can't post the picture really...but -

She sent me a picture of her 2 year old and wow...he is a doll. He has this curly light brown hair and bright green/brown eyes and a smile that would melt anyone. We both hope he looks like his brother...soooo cute.

I sent her a text telling her how happy he looks. She sends me this back...

"Your baby will be too!" Ahhhh my baby.

My heart is about to explode!

And my brain is too. I am overwhelmed with lists now....SO much to do before he gets here!

Ya'll will have to share all your mommy to be advice!


  1. Have you started on his nursery? I'm so excited to see what you do! I have been out and about, shopping all week...trying to get started on our baby girl's room. So much fun!

    Can't wait to see your baby's face. :)

  2. shiiii - vers, again! i am so ecited for you!
    parent to be advice : trust your own parenting instincts instead of listening to everyone else. i think we're all stumbling around in this anyhow ;). and don't compare yourself all the time to other mommies ( i know i do and then i feel like the crappiest mom around, but we're all doing our best, right?)