Monday, April 13, 2009

Am I Preachy?

I had a 'friend' blast me today for being preachy. For saying too many 'praise the Lord's' and pushing my beliefs down his throat. This really isn't pertaining to my blog I don't think because he was on I don't know what others see of my posts there, and maybe I do post a lot there about His blessing...but is it too much I wonder. hmm I do love Jesus and love to tell people.

I am extremely tolerant of other's beliefs and while I am not ashamed of mine I try not to beat 'em to a pulp with it. I don't think I could be any other way. I would rather people see Christ in me by being nice and not over bearing...yet leaving no doubt on where I stand about God and my life with Him in it...or me in His.

Ironically, last night I got a message from a former high school classmate and I told him how his wife and I met on the computer when she sent me a message about appreciating my love for Christ and not being afraid to say it. We started talking and then realized that her husband and I knew each other. Then I woke up to those pretty ugly as well. I was told maybe I stepped on toes or something. Should I put a disclaimer on my blog or is the name and verse up top enough?

I was tempted to be hurt, because even though I don't share his beliefs I considered him a friend. But, I am a child of God. I hope that if it came down to it if I was required to give my life for Him that I would. While this wasn't life or death, it was sad for him to leave my friends list, and in the last mail from him he said I sent him links to sites about how he needed Jesus and needed to be saved. Hmm I don't have such links I don't think...but he said this to lump me into militant Christians who use extreme methods to bring people to Christ kicking and screaming. If I thought someone I loved could accept Christ that way...I might be so inclined but I don't think that way works.

Also ironic was that a friend and I were talking about cleaning up our friends lists...haha.

Off to eat, drink and be happy that the C word is off the table! YAY

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  1. Never apologize for your faith in Christ. If your 'friend' doesn't want to read it, he doesn't have to. I've decided that we who are more verbal about our faith, are considered extreme these days. I'm okay with that.

    Keep on preachin' girl.

    Love ya!

  2. How can you possibly talk too much about God or declare His love too loudly?! Too much God is almost an oxymoron. Of course you want to make sure that the things you say are in love and truth, but aside from that, there's nothing wrong with vocalizing what He has done in your life. If your "friend" is feeling like you've been too preachy, perhaps what you are saying is just hitting a little too close to home for them. You aren't doing anything wrong (to my knowledge). If you're really worried about it in any way, my mom always says to take it before God and say, "Show me what of this is true." He'll reveal the truth about your heart and your actions.

  3. I bet Apostle Paul's friends said the same thing about him. Keep on keep'n on, girl!!!

  4. I agree with what's been said so far. It's your and your blog, so of course it will reflect who you are! You shouldn't feel like you need to hold back when talking about what you believe. I hate to hear about the issue with your friend, but I don't see how you expressing your faith in God would be offensive.