Thursday, April 09, 2009

Ouch Charlie...

that really hurt! (I just love that video!)

I am sure that fire was flying from my eyes when I raised up on the bed, my feet in the stirrups and yelled..."STOP, NOW!"

The doctor must not be afraid of fire shooting from a hormonal, pissed off, cramping, living on day 18 of a period that should go down in the books of how a period should NOT be. Nope, she wasn't afraid she just kept on yelling back - we are there, almost...just a little more - BAM we got it.

So yeah it hurt, it sucked, I am angry, stressed, worried, in pain, the medication to get my cervix to dilate is still working and is causing cramping that I can't even explain.

YAY, tomorrow is Good Friday. Oh wait, not yay...means no results until Monday!!! So, no medications to stop the flow. Nothing. Then she tells me this which made my head spin and fire shoot out. Much more dramatic yet it still left her unphased...."Hope, if you are still bleeding when I call you on Monday we will have you come in and schedule a D&C." WHA?

I wish upon all my wishes she could have understood how much pain and discomfort I am in, how much I really would like to have spend Easter weekend somewhere else other than bed. Who can do anything when you bend, cough, yawn...breathe and you PAC (if you want to know what that is...I will tell you, but it isn't pretty!). So, I have to deal with this at a minimum of 4 more days.

A D&C would have ended this pretty quickly...even though I didn't really want one...the thought of sleeping it off and waking up tomorrow with it pretty much gone is uber appealing. SIGH

They did another blood draw, she said I was super pale and wanted to make sure my counts hadn't dropped. I am assuming they were ok or similar as I didn't get a call back.

She said my platelets were elevated too, as much as I don't want to google that....I know I will eventually. SMACK - google is bad.

Thank you for your prayers, for the messages, they meant so much and were what I needed to read. My faith sometimes is hard to maintain...but then I am reminded that HE is constant and when I am weak - He is strong.

Speaking of strong. Scott is amazing. He took today off. He held me this morning when I had a momentary loss of sanity. Here I was taking a pill that assists in making labor progress, and all I was birthing was a seemingly endless supply of blood.

No matter how hard this journey, no matter how things seem so unfair and so out of focus.

Scott is my soft place to land. He makes me realize I am so blessed already by his love. When I look at him life is clear as glass. He makes it all make sense. I love him!

Ok, gonna go try and study the inside of my eyelids for a few hours!

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  1. Oh dear. I am so sorry you are dealing with this, Hope. Just awful. I really hope you have this resolved soon. Hope you can somehow enjoy the Easter holiday. Thinking of you!