Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Good Day...

Today has been such a good day. I chilled out at home, the weather was so pretty outside and I had dinner catered in .... haha, love the restaurant - Lena's Country Kitchen :) Roast, taters, corn, rolls and dessert. She so spoils me.

Then I get an email from a friend who saw the pictures of Illan and Ida...and she wants me to come and do some pictures of her kids and family in their back yard - some posed but a lot of candids and cutesy pics of her three kids. WOO HOO! I am so excited. I hope to start classes this coming semester for photography and since I can't do my job I went to school for and trained for - maybe this is something I can do to fill that hole. WOOT!

I have a lunch date scheduled with my niece and her kiddos next week, we are going to do Mexican I think...yummy.

I have a lunch date with my hubby tomorrow. I think his mother and father will be tagging along haha. That is ok. We are planning for Easter and tomorrow when the kids get to John and Lena's we are making cake pops - attempting these - HOW CUTE! But we may just end up with cake on a stick dipped in chocolate and written on with cake pens haha. Who knows, either way it will be fun to play with the kids - no matter how limited.

Scott is awesome - period.

Speaking of period...remember how I said mine was so normal for the past 5ish months 28-32 days probably more like 30ish no more than 32 days...but that is phenomenal for someone with PCOS and 40!! Sooo, I am on like day 4 and the last 5 months I am about done - no hellacious periods like before ... I jinxed myself of mother nature is playing a huge April's fools joke on me!!! *(TMI FOLLOWS) Well, yesterday evening until today the floodgates to satan's den have opened up and ugh...just is bad. Hormonal, emotional, crampy.....the perils of period land.

I guess that is it, I just feel like things are on the cusp of being great!! I get my next injection on the 9th, I hope to have the stimulator put in by the end of the month and I see the RE at the end of the month as well. oooo I hope that the surgery won't interfere with the RE.

Pray for Stellan!

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