Sunday, March 29, 2009

I love my daddy

I had a pretty bad day yesterday. I hadn't been up doing much all week and thought ok, let's just go to spend the day with Ma and Pop Lail. Scott went and picked up John to help him take off trash and stopped and picked me up on the way back. We get there and immediately we were on the go...we went to Hobby Lobby my most favorite place in the world - almost. I was there ohhh...about 5 minutes - maybe 10 and that was it. I gave Scott and Lena my stuff I wanted and got the keys and crashed in the van - in tears, in pain, super frustrated. UGH I hate feeling that way.

I cleared it all up and figured when they got back we would head back to the house....nope, there is a new hobby store in Hickory with trains and planes and all that jazz. Scott's parents bought him this cool train and he wants to look for accessories. So we go there, and I walked the keys from Lena and walked right back out. The pain was so bad I almost threw up. I got in the van and left the sliding door open...regret that because I know people thought I was crazy.

I called my mom at work - the phone was busy. I always call her when I am past that point and need someone else to pray with me. She just has that way. So I called my daddy and he asked what was wrong and I told him. I then said I was calling so if mom calls you tell her to pray for me or call me. He almost seemed offended, and said "Well, I can pray for and with you!!"

So he started praying and I love to hear him pray, but usually when mom and him pray over me mom is doing the praying and daddy is 'yes Lord-ing' and not saying too much. Ohhh but this prayer was so sweet, just what I needed. He said things like, "Dear Lord please take this pain from my baby girl" and "Jesus - cuddle her up in Your arms and keep her safe". I was crying hard before he started but hearing my daddy say such things just made me melt.

I am so blessed to have such great parents. I love my poppy! And my ma too ... :)

We go back to John and Lena's and I headed straight to her bed. I crashed in the dark. Poor Lena tripped over my shoes trying to get to me with a phenergan and water. I took the pill and drifted off. I don't know what time the kids got there, but I knew that they would be worried about me so Scott and I headed home so they could have fun with their Maw and Paw.

Caleb was so cute, he came in to the bedroom and held my hand rubbing it...he is so sweeeet.

I got home and went to sleep and didn't get up until about 4 or so this afternoon. I do feel better. I am going to spend the day with Lena tomorrow - hoping the kids will be there. It is their day with their daddy but his wife is about to have or has already had a baby ... so maybe they will be at Lena's.

Can you believe April is almost here!?!?!?!? sigh

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