Sunday, March 01, 2009

March...already? Where did Christmas go?

I went with my parents and Johnny to Santee to let the men folk fish and ma and I sat on the porch enjoying rocking in the rocking chair and watching the boats go by.

They didn't catch many fish, but Johnny and my dad had some good time together. While there it was my father's 78th birthday and my parents 54th wedding anniversary. I am so blessed to have them both still in my life. He has such extensive health issues - it amazes me all he does.

There was no internet...which at first sent chills up my spine, but I was able to read 2 awesome and the other pretty good too. I read 90 minutes in Heaven and wow! I also read Love Letters, it is a story about a man in the early 1900's that assists a war buddy in writing letters to his love. It is a little slow in places, but over all good. It was written in the early 1940's. I love old books....and old movies.

I did figure out how to get yahoo on my blackberry, and I was able to check my mail and such on it. But, I couldn't figure out the browser so that was about the extent. Ohh and facebook was available. It did open my eyes to how much I depend on this thing for entertainment and communication. My neice called me ... to get reception I had to close one eye, stand on my tippy toes and hold it out to the sun (just kidding but reception was dicey). My niece said she was gonna call me every day 'til I called her back...which made me smile, then she said here is my number - I know you are writing it down and starts to say her number. I hit 44 to replay and get my pen and paper and start to write it down 828...and the message ends. I giggled at her, she is so much like me...dramatic and animated most times. So I waited for her to call me back being she said every day and she has lied to me, lied lied lied...haha, just kidding. I do know she has a life and a busy one at that. Lily is an imaginative, active, creative, giggling little sweet girl that I know keeps her on her toes. Now she has Simon, he is around 9 months now I think. I am sure he is keeping her busy too. Plus she works from home, breastfeeds...and like a lot of us has a husband :) which means lots of work!!

She is a great mom and even though she is so busy she still offers to help me or take me somewhere. Not only her, but a few other people. They offer to bring me dinner, take me shopping, clean my house and I always turn them down.

In reading this book 90 minutes in Heaven, I took a lot from it but one of the most touching thing was this.

In the book he was in the hospital for 109 days, mostly flat on his back with this contraption on his leg. He was angry, he was depressed...he didn't understand how God would let him glimpse into heaven and then bring him back to earth. So many emotions that left him appreciative of the love and care he received but also the feelings of not deserving and not wanting to be a burden to anyone. His Christian life led him to serve others, to be there for them. That was his ministry. He was talked to by a friend and realized that letting others be there for him, help him was their ministry - their labor of love done through Christ. Things as simple as letting someone bring him magazines or a milkshake. The reaction from those that loved him after being able to help in some way was so touching.

There is so much to get out of this book but that is something personal for me. During all this stroke/back time of my life I repeatedly turned down friends and family when they offered to help me. From the simple things of dropping by or to the big things of cleaning my house or bringing a meal. I feel bad that I didn't let them do things. It wasn't that I didn't want them to really, it is just I didn't want to be a burden. I loved being the one to do things, and it just wasn't me to be on the other side.

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