Thursday, March 12, 2009


I know they are every where. Most days I believe it without question. I admit though, I wonder where, when, if the one miracle I have prayed for will happen.

The last 4 months my cycle has been amazingly normal. 29-31 days, obvious changes in cervical mucous. N O R M A L! We haven't tried, but my mind and heart are running in 19039 different directions. So, I scheduled an appointment with a new RE. He is also a gyno, so I will be getting all that female stuff done. My sister having a mass on her ovary that was cancer also spurred this appointment.

We don't know what will happen, if the doctor thinks I could even carry one with my back. But, I do want to know if he thinks my eggs aren't fried yet - being I am 40 n0w...UGH.

If they are, we have someone in mind to ask to carry a baby for us. We have prayed about it and talked to our parents and we think this might be a possibility. The thought of a baby having Scott's eyes and my little ears is overwhelming.

If they can't be used, then that is how God wanted it and we will go full steam in another direction.

When I really started thinking about it this week, it seemed every where I turned - miracles were being discussed. One mother got a mail from her insurance asking her if she wanted to participate in some programs that are available for her son with special needs. They could send heart medications and other assistance since he has heart disease. The title of her thread was 'She didn't get the memo'...the memo was her baby was healed of his heart problems before he was born. A miracle no doubt. She couldn't wait to send that memo to show how great our God is. Then another came home with her Samuel - a miracle from God and the song on her blog sung of miracles. I watched a DVD from our church in Myrtle Beach and sure enough - miracles.

Fertility/infertility is a winding road. I make a turn sometimes and feel like it is all over and I should just veer off the road completely. Then the next curve wakes all those baby dreams up and sigh!

Ok, got a few other things to post, so I will go onto them.

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