Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pink is so your color honey!

My husband indulges me sometimes way too much!

"Honey, you should feel how this lip gloss from Bare Escentuals makes your lips tingle."

"No thank you hon, I am a manly man and I surely do NOT wear lip gloss."

"Come on, we are in the car going home - who will see?"

"NO way Hope, ya can't make me!"

"But honey, it makes them feel soo good, it is dark...I won't even be able to see it."

"Fine, but I don't like this and you can't blog about it."

"Ohh babes, you know I would never!"

leans over in the dark - his face lit only by the dashboard lights.

"Turn your head this way a little, the bumps might make me stick it up your nose - you don't want that."

he growls lowly under his breath as he turns his head towards me.

I get a big ole dollop tiny amount of glittery pink lip gloss and slather it on his purty lips.

"Now rub 'em together to get the full effect."

He does the manly chap stick rub.


doing everything in my power to hold in my giggle.


"Ohh my gosh, my lips are burning - what is that stuff?"

"It plumps the lips - isn't it great!"

"NOO, it isn't great it is burning when I breathe and my lips feel swollen like when you get Novocain."

I can't control the belly laughter quiet giggles.

"I'm donna tick yo butt. Now I tant eben talt wite!"

The next 20 minutes I am rolling in the car, he keeps talking but I can't understand him. Every word he says makes me laugh that much harder. My sides are killing me. WHEW


We get almost home (about 20 minutes later) and we planned to stop by the pool to get a public swim schedule. By this time, my laughter had subsided and things were normal - well, normal for us.

Dark in the car. I forgot about the bright powder pink hardly noticeable yet glittering lip gloss. He gets back in the car with the schedule and as I turn on the interior light to read...something catches my eye. Hmm, bright light pink hardly noticeable yet glittering lip gloss you might ask? YES!

"Honey, umm..."

Before I could get anything out he hits his forehead with one hand and wipes his lips with the other.

"No wonder the guy at the desk was giving me strange looks!"

"You do wear it well baby cakes, pink is so your color."

side splitting laughter ensues - along with glares and growls from the driver of the vehicle.

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  1. LOL!!!

    If only guys knew half of what we do to look pretty! :)

  2. So so funny! I love it!!

  3. Poor Scott... if I were to do that to Steve, I would wait until we were home... absolutely no chance of anyone seeing. lol

    Scott's a good sport... and he adores you. So I'm sure all is well. Right??