Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring has...

Speaking of pictures...
Before all of this pain stuff increased, I went out and started taking pictures showing that spring has...well, sprung!
Obviously I didn't get as many as I wanted - boo hoo me.
But enjoy the ones I do have :)
well, I know that this isn't springish really, but it is the last of the winter wood my parents will burn.
This is a bush in my front yard, there have been a few people call it different things. All I know is it has thorns on it, sometimes a tiny apple or 2 will be on the whole big bush. But it always blooms in the winter just as spring is being thought of.

Ok, not so springish either. But this funny little chicken has funny 'hair' so I snapped it's picture. See all those ball like things laying around???? Those are balls of hell! My parents must have had a brain blockage when they planted these trees - ohh about a dozen of them. I could never run around barefooted in the front yard. And if I did run outside with my shoes on there was still the likelihood of you rolling your ankle or just plain ole falling down. You rake and rake all summer, and fall and still they are there. They do burn good though. I have also seen crafts made out of them, but I just hate them for lots of reasons. Some of them still have a little stem on them which makes for good throwing when you are having a ball fight with your brother and cousins. They are called Sweet Gum Trees...don't buy them...even though they do have a great shade!

This rooster was giving me the evil eye, I had walked into their 'territory' - which is my parents entire property!

I just thought he had such pretty colors.

I finally got a pic of him crowing. He is the master rooster I think!

This is the rooster and his hen...I think that is a hen.

I planted these wild march flowers in the stump of this tree a long time ago. I was probably 15 or so. It was only 2 or 3 bulbs way back then. This year there were no blooms...not sure why.

Yes another hell ball, nestled in with some wild violets.

I thought this was a Bradford Pear tree, but daddy said it was some kind of wild tree that blooms. huh!

The hell ball tree starting to get blooms for the leaves...a few balls hung on long enough to fall later on and make walking treacherous in my parents yard...grrr!

This pretty little tree will have pretty little red/purple flowers.

This was a flower garden across from my in - laws. They always have some great beds...nice people too.

Hydrangea leaf peaking out.

Ooo hostas pokin' their way up out of the ground....I love hostas!

a weeping cherry tree in my inlaw's yard. They have some awesome gardens!

Flats of pansies that didn't get planted at the Lena's house, but they sure are still pretty and are gonna get planted SOOON!

Some bloom on a bush by their house, only one on the bush...not sure what that was!

I think these are paperwhites? I am terrible with plant names...just know they are pretty!

Are these called paper pinks then?? haha...I crack myself up...probably only myself too :)

I love this tulip tree. It makes me miss my friend Jodi who died way too young. A mutual friend of ours lost her dad about this time of year. We both loved this tree and the friend had just built a house and their yard was just grass mostly. And since this blooms around the time of his death, thought this would be a pretty reminder of life. I am sure Joyce loves this tree - I see it planted and growing big in her yard. This has been 7 or 8 years ago, and now when this tree blooms I think of Jodi and her life and how our beautiful friendship was such a blessing to me.

Another pic of the tulip tree.

Speaking of growing by the pond.

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