Friday, April 07, 2006

hmm...could it be??

I was talking with a friend this morning and was telling her how I have been feeling the last week. Nauseated, mostly in the morning...but some in the evening as well. I never get queasy watching shows like CSI or NCIS...but last night, I about had to turn it. I have this horrible taste in my mouth. Constipated. Headache. Breasts feel heavy...weird, not painful though. Dizziness and soooo tired. And all of this could be a cold or flu...I am a little congested and been sneezing too. Way emotional (not that that is TOO unusual..huh Misti??). :) Some crampy like feelings in my lower abdomen. Not like period cramps. Actually more like ovulation pains, but I have already ovulated this month according to my monitor and my temps. But, I am not sure if I even ovulated. I ususally have such sore breasts when I do...and I had nothing. A few twinges on my left side but not like I usually do. I just have to pray hard, and faithfully that if this is it...God makes it a healthy safe 9 months. And if I am not, that in HIS time let me make Scott a daddy! I have lost another pound....10 pounds total now.


  1. Hope - I found your blog on random blog search. I wish you luck in your journey. I too am trying to conceive and am going to be having IVF soon. Meg

  2. Anonymous12:45 PM

    Hi honey wow you almost as long winded as me
    as your husand i must remind you to get back to work ;) I love you and this is good keep it up we all need someway to let it out.