Friday, April 07, 2006

my favorite things...

I am home, feeling sick so I thought I would mess around on here. I was looking at some pictures I have on here and though I would post a few.

This is Scott...the most adorable, sweet, loving man I know. He stands by me and for me at every turn...I never dreamed of a man so wonderful. I am not sure why I am so blessed! When I weep about having a baby...or not having one, he holds me...he makes it all better.

This is our silly cat.....I swear she makes me yell as much as she makes me smile! Her favorite toys are toes...yes TOES. Under the blanket, she will crawl and be relentless with the toes. I could beat her....then she does something so cute...or cuddles up on my back or in my lap. what a big one huh? Two brothers were missing. Mark, the youngest of the boys...he passed away several years before the picture. Todd wasn't there, he is the next to youngest...he was sick I believe. Susie, my sister in law wasn't there...she was sick as well. Lt. Tom my nephew wasn't there, he lives in Colorado with his daughter Angel. I have never met her or seen a pic, but hope to soon! As much as I love my family, it is nice to be off on our own right now. I am not sure how I will feel once we have a baby. This is my family....and I love them!! Corey is missing, I don't think he was born yet. Also little Lily...she was just a twinkle in her daddys eyes then!

This is my beach....and my child! Luc .. he has been our only son for almost 15 years. He is adorable, smart and so funny. He is more than just a dog...he is part of the family, just ask his granny!

These are the waterfalls in Valdese. They are beautiful and a place I miss the most. I spent a lot of time there, soaking in and letting out. I bet my tears shed there would almost fill up the pool at the bottom.

This is Chirsten. She is a ball of fun and sooooooooo cute. I miss her so much. She has such an imagination and is so smart. When I am around her, life seems just that much sweeter. She loves fish kisses, her uncle Scooter and sleeping with me! Oh yea...and she wants to be a boy when she grows up...go figure!!

This is Chris, Scotts brother...and Caleb his son.
Caleb is so much fun too. He finally loves me. When he was so little, he didn't want anyone but his maw maw or paw paw!! He finally too will love on cooter...ha ha. Chris...what can I say..he is a cutie...oh and available....ha ha. He really is a sweetheart, I can't wait for him to move here!

These are Scott's parents...Lena and John. I call him Herman, I love picking at him. He is so funny. He is like 100 years old too.

These are our good friends from church, with their new baby. Colin...oo he is so cute.
They are part of the reason we find it so easy to stay here. It is so nice to have Christian friends. Burt is 13, ha ha...ok, not quite that young, I won't say how young he is!!! They are so much fun and I think my momma prayed them down to us. Friends like these don't happen by accident!

Well, this went from a favorite things...into a photo op. Besides me...they are why I want a share their life with her or him. I want to make Scott a proud daddy. I can see him now! He is just a big kid himself. I want my mom and dad to have a grandbaby from their baby girl. They are maw maw and paw paw to all their grandchildren. But, I have always called daddy I hope my baby will call him that as well. Not sure about moppy...he he, kinda cookey huh? Johnny, Todd and Tommy...will be great uncles I think. Johnny is so good with his grand babies. Susie and Lisa, wonderful aunts...i can see them both right now...ooing and ahhing. Misti, Lt. John, Brad and Cara and Lt. Tom...all would be sweet cousins...and Parker, Angel, Corey and Lily would make great cousins too. I hope this posts, I have been playing with it a long time....

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  1. You have a great family! Thank you for sharing!