Thursday, April 13, 2006

More of my favorites...

Ok...I know this is weird... But when we were at the fertility clinic, it was raining..nothing pretty about that day. When we got in the car, here was this beautiful little flower stuck to the windshield. It was just so pretty and how odd that it landed just like that! Sooo I took a picture of it... I know, professional photographer I am NOT!

This is my favorite picture of my daddy! He is in the rocker with his older brother Leon. They both are so cute. There aren't that many photos of my dad really when he was a child. I think this picture is of his youngest age. My, where do I start with him!! I love my mother just as much, but I was always a daddy's girl. Poppy is what I called him mostly. I remember in church if he wasn't preaching I would sit beside him and put my little hand in his and was so amazed at how strong and big his hands were. I loved to hear him preach, maybe not as much as a child, but as I got older, I loved to hear him. But, my favorite thing to do with my daddy is ... fishing. I never cared really if I caught a fish at all. It was just so special to be in his boat...spending time together. He probably never knew that when he would pick me up at school or when he would wake me up early to go out on the boat...those were the times I looked forward to the most. I would love to tell my friends ... I am going out with my poppy. He always made everything ok. Everyone loves him, he does so much for people, and he really loves my mother. When I found Scott, there were a lot of the same qualities there. Thank you daddy for showing me how much you love me by spending time with me. THank you for preaching to me about Jesus...and yes, for praying for me!! I hope I have made you both proud.

These are my fish, they are such characters!
They are Blood Parrots, not sure why they
call them blood parrots. I know their mouths
are shaped like a parrots. They will eat out of my
hand and are getting huge!!!

This is Lily, My Great niece! This is such a great pic of her. I just can't wait to get to know her better. She is so pinchable!! Misti tells me how smart she is and how she loves Christian music, Newsboys to be exact....ohhhh and her daddy's guitar pickin!
If I have a daughter, they will have the same middle name...but that is ok!!! I am sure they will be best of friends. MISTI...FEED THAT CHILD!!!! *smiles*
This is Mark. It isn't easy to write about him. Mark, he was the youngest of 4 brothers. He was the most mischievous and rowdy of the 4. He was my fiercest tormenter and fiercest protector. He could pull my hair or kiss me all over my face or hold me down or a long list of mean things...but if anyone else dare...they would be in big trouble. We were close until something took over....drugs. When this happened, all relationships with him changed. I think it really did all start innocently enough. He was in an accident and was started on pain medications...and it just spiraled. I don't have a doubt that he was saved. He and I reconciled to a point about a month before he died. He died in the bedroom that was mine growing up. He died from an accidental overdose of Morphine patches. My father found him. My mother, told me once when I said I had a hard time even going near that room...she told me that she finds peace there. She said Angels, ANGELS...were in the room, they ushered him home. My mother, she can find inspirational things in the most difficult of situations. I miss him so much. There are so many regrets, so much I could have and should have said. I hope knew how much I loved him.
This is home. This is the road home. Just around that corner at the foot of that mountain are my parents, my brother Todd's house and my uncles and aunts and cousins. The house I grew up in, the trees I climbed and couldn't get down from, the creek we swam in and all the cats and dogs we would drag home. The puddles of water I caught tadpoles in, the fields I ran in to catch fireflies. The honeysuckles, the trees with 'club' houses built in them, bike many memories. When we go home, and Luc is with us...he knows when we get on this road we are almost home. He goes crazy in the back of the car. I do love this picture.
This is a 'family' picture we took a few years ago. We have had Luc since he was 5 weeks old. Dixie, Susie's sister gave him to us. He is like our child. He acts like a big ole baby. He was 15 years old in March. We love him so much, and miss him now that he is staying with my parents.
This....this is my most favorite picture of my mother. She is so beautiful here, and she had such a rough life. Her mother died when she was 6. She and some of her brothers were sent to live in an orphanage. She could have been bitter, but she is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the out. She is an angel to so many people. I meet some of those people that she comes across and I am so humbled by what they say about her. She takes care of people in their homes, and she sings to them, she tells them about Jesus and all the while taking such good care of them. If I can be even a fraction like her, I would be happy. When she prays, she is heard. People call her from miles around to ask her to pray for them. She is a true prayer warrior! There is so much more I could say. Like her hair, it is soooo soft. Her skin is too. Ever day when she gets out of the shower, she puts a 'dab' of olive oil in her hands and runs it through her hair and onto her skin. She is the most tender headed person I have ever met. While she was sick, I tried to brush her hair and get the knots out...and I thought she would cry each time I touched it. I want to have a grandbaby so bad for her. I know she has grand children from her sons, but they say it is different when it is a woman's daughter. I want my child to know her love, to feel her soft cool hands on their foreheads when they are running a fever. To hear her beautiful soft voice singing Jesus songs all over the house. To taste her vegetable soup or chicken -n- dumplin's or her fried I am making myself hungry!! There is so much I want my child to know about her. A lot of things, as a child and teenager..... I hated. I LOVE HER! Mom, if you ever read this. Thank you for giving me so much, for always thinking of your children before yourself. For telling me of Jesus and for always, ALWAYS praying for me. It worked!! Ok, I gotta talk about my daddy or he will be jealous!! *smiles* *going back up to his picture.
This is a recent picture of them..... I am so blessed to have such wonderful loving parents. I wish I had realized it when I was younger. This picture is just after Daddy had his pacemaker scare with the staph infection. Just before their 50th wedding anniversary. They renewed their vows at the party and I even sang them a song...Consider the Lilies. It was a wonderful time.
Well, there are soooooooooo many more favorite people/places and things I could add...and will. I don't want to bore you. :)

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  1. what is crazy...I went back to read this....and I made me cry. Sometimes, when I am writing I get lost, and it isn't until I read it that I feel the emotion of the words. I am so blessed with a wonderful family.