Monday, November 12, 2007

Jubilee - Friday

Ohhh wow, Jimmy Franks is one of the most intense preachers I have ever heard. He has stats and other information but he does not over load it so much that you are bored. He is so articulate and he knows how to get the sermon across to everyone listening. He is the president of Hope for The World.

He preached on the cross. I have notes, gotta get them out and will post more about this sermon...he is amazing and I don't wanna miss a thing.

Jeff Steele also preached, one of the most poignant things he pointed out was how those in our lives might say one of three things when this old world ends. 1. Thank you for telling me of Jesus and I accepted him and will spend eternity with you and Him in Heaven. 2. You told me of Jesus, but I didn't listen...Hell is my home, I am so sorry I didn't listen. OR 3. Why didn't you tell me of Jesus, I am in hell and if you had told me of Him I would have listened and be with you in Heaven right now. I hope to never have to face many or any number 3's. He also talked about the people we may turn away from our church's for how they look, their sexuality and other sins. We should encourage them to come to Church so they can hear the Gospel and see their sins. I was convicted of that myself.

15 people raised their hands that the made the decision to get saved that night, God is soo good all the time!

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