Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Jubilee - Saturday

Saturday we get there to hear our pastor preach on 'Such a time as this'. He is a phenomenal preacher and teacher. He talked about how things are lining up for Christ to come and take us home. What a wonderful time that will be, no more pain, no more suffering...just happiness and finally getting to see our Saviour face to face. He has a favorite saying...Tonight will be a good night to fly! Funny how when our lives are going really great, we kinda hope He waits a bit...but with the trials facing me lately... I would love to fly today.

Before the Pastor brought his sermon, Everyday Driven sang and they are such a blessing. Buddy Mullins has such a powerful voice, his wife Kerri though is a powerhouse, her voice sends chills! She can go from belting it out to the softest - almost whisper and both are amazing. When she first came up on stage Friday night...the first thing I noticed was her hair. She has this thick beautiful make you wanna smack her kind of hair. It was cut really short. I was up in the choir and I said something to Nyla and she told me that Kerri battled cancer - and won!

Kerri gave her testimony that night, and wow. She talked about getting the diagnosis, how that felt and how she thought about her kids and her family. She told us that a group of women in a Bible study class asked her to come to let them pray over her. She went and she felt the power of God, they prayed over her wrapping her up in verses and praises to Him. She went through the treatments, lost her hair...but as of July, she is CANCER FREE - PRAISE THE LORD!!!

She talked about that pit of fear. And ohh goodness have I been in and out of that pit - more in than out I believe...but how fear is not of God! Whew...she blew me away. She is such an inspiration. Scott...yes, my shy Scott talked to her later, told her how much it meant to him and she told him of a book she read that really made a difference. Get Out Of That Pit by Beth Moore. He said he walked up to her to thank her for her testimony and he started talking about me...he said he started crying and telling her about all that has been going on...he is so precious, but she probably thought we were nuts. Well, we are. She will probably never know how just her words helped me out of that pit.

Saturday night was the best night for me...I loved the other nights, but hearing Pastor Freddie preach and that testimony was my highlights. I miss my church so much. That night the choir sang a lot! Doug had coordinated some songs with the Pastor's sermon and wow...it had a great impact.

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