Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thanksgiving with the Pons family!

Thanksgiving this year was *sigh* a little tense I guess you can say. Mom wasn't feeling up to doing the whole meal thing this year, so Todd had planned on having a meal at his house. That is all well and good, but not all the family would be there. Mom tried to plan a meal at her house that evening but she just wasn't up to it. Johnny then planned a meal at his house at lunch time, which thrilled mom so much. I know she was so happy to get to spend time with him and Susie. I wished we could have went, but the timing was off. We always to lunch at Scotts' parents.

We made it for dinner at Todd's and it was great. We really didn't eat that much just my moms turkey dressing....TO-DIE-FOR!! I didn't really feel up to taking a lot of pictures, GASP...I know, hard to believe. Lisa and her mother were there as well, Mom, Dad, Brad and Marquita, Cara and Randall and Illan, Todd and Scott and I. It was relaxed and nice to be with them.

Bradly had buried Luc for me on Tuesday and he got into poison Ivy or Oak and his face was all swollen and itchy...he looked so pitiful. Also this week Illan had his eye surgery and it has helped so much. He is such a happy little baby, I still can't pick him up....*pout*. Daddy had to leave a little early, he teaches at the prison on Thursday nights and he wouldn't miss it for anything. Brad ended up going to the ER so Lisa took him and it was just a few left.

We came home and crashed....little did I know that Scott was making plans to go shopping the next day. We did go, I sat in the van while they all went into the malls to shop....I watched DVD's and it wasn't tooo bad.

Looks like he is belting a song out huh? He loves his paw paw!
My sweeeet mom and my sweeeeet brother.
Bradley alll puffed up....aww so sorry honey!
She has that pregnant glow! Love her!

The road home...I loved how the sun was shining through the clouds. The road ends pretty much at my parents home.
Cara and Illan...look at those cheeks!
aww...he is all over the place!
Illan and his pawpaw!

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  1. Great pictures and a great family! I'm glad you were able to enjoy your day.