Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Jubilee - Sunday

It was so sad to know this was the last day of Jubilee and by mid-day we would be on our way back home.

We get their early and I go back to the choir room to practice a bit and leave a note for Doug. We go into the service, you can feel the energy in the air. The sanctuary was filling up quickly and it always takes my breath to be up there in front of so many people while singing. The Whisnants sang a song, they are so amazing. Their piano player is sooo great, and such a character. The pastor introduced Roger Mullins, he is always our closing speaker for Jubilee. He and his family are Hope for the World - Albania he presents a video of the children. It is always so touching.

He gives his sermon, he always has a great mixture of heartfelt moments, funny moments, and Biblical moments. At the end, he turns it over to the pastor and then the magic of Jubilee begins for real!

The pastor tells us that the Jubilee cost the church 35,000 this year. Let me back up a bit. The church, the singers, the speakers, the missionaries....everyone does this Jubilee on FAITH! And for 18 years God and His people have came through...usually in around 10 minutes. This was the 19th Jubilee and the miracle is about to begin. The pastor announces how much the church needs, and the ushers put tables up with offering plates on the tables, and in the center is Karen with a calculator keeping tabs. The pastor and Roger Mullins is encouraging people to give, the lines are long...young and old. The singers all get up and sing together and the miracle of Jubilee is seen right in front of our faces. 24 minutes and 35,000 dollars is raised - PRAISE THE LORD!

Wait...the miracle of Jubilee isn't only that...Sunday morning, during the invitation...Doug and Julie are praying hard, you can tell someone or something is on their hearts. (Doug is our Music Director and Julie is his wife.) Then I see wayyyy in the back, Doug and Julie's oldest son walking down the aisle with an older man. I look back at Julie, her eyes are shut....then I see Doug - the look on his face was pure joy and praise! I look back to Julie again and she is walking to the altar...meeting her Father, her Mother, her Son, her Husband, Her father in law (who is a pastor), her mother in law....all crying and praising God...her daddy gave his life to Christ! THAT IS THE MIRACLE OF JUBILEE! What a blessing it was to see Julie so happy and her knowing she would see her daddy again in Heaven.

After all the joys of Jubilee...it was time for lunch, BBQ and chicken bog...and all the fixin's! That time was a blessing too, able to wind down and just eat and listen and watch all my church family....I miss them so much. We had to say our goodbyes to Burt and Leslie and Colin...and baby Huggins. That was the hardest by far. I barely got to spend any time with them.

Jubilee was great, I can't wait for next year.

This is a ladies trio at the church, they did so well!

These are Everyday Driven...so amazing!

These are the Whisnants! My all-time favs!

Doug singing with the choir...he has such a great voice!

Burt and Colin...after the Jubliee came to an end! :(

Me, Leslie, Colin and Burt...and baby Huggins in the belly!

Majority of the Alto section haha...not really! Cindy, Allison and me....all smiles!

Mom, Aunt Gladys, John and Lena...so much fun this week! They all (including my other family that was there) can't wait until next year!

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